Sliding Card Holder

Carbon Fiber

Traditional methods and materials are nice, but sometimes you want something perfectly engineered to be exactly what you need. Why use an animal horn when a Nalgene will do? Why chisel out a note when you've got a Post-It and a pen? Why date a real person when you've got an internet connection and a phone? Well, ok, maybe that last one is a bad idea, but you get the point. Sometimes you just want something engineered to stay exactly what it's meant to be.

If you think like that, you may love the Sliding Card Holder. Made from metal, plastic, and elastic, this bad boy is designed to hold its shape and protect everything inside it. The hardshell plastic and metal are going to keep your cards (or anything else) safe, while the elastic band on the back keeps your cash easily accessible. Want to step it up another notch? Grab the carbon fiber variant for even more protection. Just in case you were wondering, this wallet blocks RFID signals, so it's even protected digitally.

Please Note: This product ships directly from the supplier and will ship separately from any other products ordered.

Metal and Plastic or Carbon Fiber and Plastic
10cm Length x 6cm Width x 1cm Height

With a more modern style and sensibility, this wallet pairs well with urban casual, streetwear, and all bionic implants. Want to rock it with something a little more formal? Bring your style into the 21st century with technical fabrics, casual cuts, and strong accessories.

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Sliding Card Holder