Thin Leather Wallet


There's something beautiful in the way that leather develops over time. As you use it, the leather gets softer, shapes into the space you've used it, and can even change color and texture. A leather shoe goes from hard and shiny to soft and comfy, a leather bag shapes itself around the things it carries, and a leather wallet opens up for more money and cards and pictures of that special someone.

The Thin Leather Wallet is a great example of that. Over time, this wallet will expand to hold more, soften into something you love to touch, and patina is a way that's uniquely yours. Made only from leather and a little fabric, it's going to age right along with you. It's designed to fit more cards than it looks and comes with a central pocket to fit all your bills. In short, it's sleek, it's sharp, and it's just what your pocket craves.

Please Note: This product ships directly from the supplier and will ship separately from any other products ordered.

Leather with a fabric interior

4" L x 3.4" W (10.5cm x 8.7cm)

This wallet pairs well with cash, cards, and anything else you might normally put in a wallet. Pair it up with a darker outfit to blend it in when you take it out or use the strong black and blue colors to contrast against a brighter outfit.

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