Who wouldn’t want a full, healthy-looking beard? After all, there’s more than one reason to grow out your facial hair, whether it’s to boost your confidence, keep you warm in the winter, or stop yourself from getting sick as often.

Though a majestic beard doesn’t just happen - it takes consistency, an assembly of the right products, and dedication to a daily beard routine.

Are you ready to kick your beard health up a notch? Here’s a 6-step daily beard routine that couldn’t be easier to follow.

Why Do You Need A Daily Beard Routine?

  • Prevents Beard-druff, otherwise known as beard dandruff. It occurs when the neglected skin underneath your beard begins to flake - leading to itchiness and irritation. Luckily, the condition is easy to prevent with a beard care routine, focused toward moisturising your beard and skin.
  • Healthy-looking Beard. Having a beard care regime can make your beard look better. Tame those stubborn hairs, provide shape to your beard, and add a healthy shine to make it look even better.
  • Make Your Beard Smell Great. Let’s put the health and appearance benefits aside for a moment. A beard care routine can help to make your beard smell great! Beard products come in many different scents, with aromas ranging from deep and woodsy to lighter and sweet.

6-Step Daily Beard Routine

  • Wash

Our beards can often feel the full brunt of a hard day's work, with food or dirt often getting trapped within our whiskers. This is why we must be washing our beards every morning and cleansing it of impurities.

Just be sure to steer clear from soaps that can dry-out beard hairs and skin underneath. Apply a shampoo to wet beard hair, create a rich lather, then rinse. Follow this up with a conditioner and rinse.

This Everyday Shampoo & Everyday Conditioner by Uppercut Deluxe is a worthy addition to your grooming inventory - containing a series of natural ingredients to nourish and cleanse your beard.

  • Pat-Dry

When it comes to drying your beard, there’s only one rule: pat-dry, don’t rub.

Rubbing the towel of your beard can create friction, causing hair breakage and leading to a frizzy-looking beard.

Instead, take a much gentler approach to your mane by pat-drying your beard with a towel.

  • Trim Stray Hairs

Every week or so, you’re going to want to deal with those pesky hairs sticking out from your beard to maintain its shape. This is where a pair of small facial scissors can come to the rescue. If you've got steady hands, you can even use the Nethers Undercut Trimmer for a careful trim.

Otherwise, if your beard needs a trim on a much larger scale, consider paying a visit to your barber. Don’t run the risk of ruining your hard-earned progress.

  • Apply A Beard Oil

Beard oils have become a staple of any daily beard routine - and for good reason. They moisturise facial hair, along with the often-neglected skin beneath, helping to soften the beard and prevent skin flaking.

The best time to apply your beard oil is after a warm shower. This is when the hair is damp and the skin’s pores are open and ready to accept the nourishing blend. Put 2 to 4 drops of the beard oil on your hands and massage it throughout your mane until it’s evenly spread.

Take a look at this beard oil by Uppercut Deluxe - a non-greasy blend with patchouli and leather fragrances.

  • Style With A Sculpting Balm

Beard balms are great for providing your facial hair with some volume and shape. They tame those pesky, stubborn hairs with ingredients like beeswax. Though on top of this, they can actually help to moisturise the beard and add shine.

To use a beard balm, warm-up a pea-sized dollop of the blend between your hands. Then, evenly spread the balm over your jawline, cheek, over the chin, and through your moustache.

Check out the beard balm by Uppercut Deluxe. Not only does it keep runaway hairs in line, but it will also moisturise your beard and leave behind the perfect amount of shine.

  • Shape With A Beard Brush

Once your beard balm is evenly spread throughout your beard, it’s time to start styling.

Round-out your daily beard routine by reaching for a natural-bristle beard comb. Start combing under your neck in upward strokes. This will help to separate the hairs, add volume, and evenly spread your beard products. Finish the process with a series of downward strokes along your cheeks, chin, and through your moustache to achieve your desired shape.

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