Men's Watches & Watch Bands

A lot of guys have stopped wearing them these days, but getting a stylish watch for men can be a great way of adding a little more class and style to your look. Our men’s watches and men’s watch bands are carefully curated to work with almost any look you can imagine. Going casual, grab a nylon band. Formal looks work great with a men’s leather watch band, especially when they match your shoes and belt.
Only 5 leftThe Oliver - Ivory Formal Curated Basics | Style Standard
If you’ve ever spent time in a Japanese bar, either in Japan or somewhere else in the world, you might have noticed that they have a very different take on cocktails than the western world does. While bartenders from the...
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Only 8 leftThe Chuck - Asphalt Formal Curated Basics | Style Standard
If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi, you might have seen Doctor Who’s Captain Jack Harkness with his vortex manipulator, a leather device strapped to his wrist that let him travel through time. Handed out by the Time Agency, it allows...
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