Shaving Creams & Brushes

It’s estimated at least 100 million men shave every day. We just made that number up, but it could be right, couldn’t it? When you’ve got that many guys doing it, you need the right kind of shaving cream, shaving cream brush, and even a brush stand to get it right. Whether you’re after the perfect men’s shaving brush (we’ve got it), a great shaving cream (we’ve got that too), or want a great shaving brush kit (we’ve got that three), you’re in the right place.
Sold outShave Cream Grooming Beau Brummell For Men | Style Standard
An intensely hydrating shaving cream formulated with argan oil, vegetable glycerin, and a unique blend of aromatic plant extracts. Creates a luxuriously rich, dense lather that lifts your hairs for a smoother shave, preventing irritation and razor burn. Leaves skin...
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Undercut Trimmer Hair Clippers & Trimmers Nethers | Style Standard
A few years ago, the teams at Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and Ask Men did a survey among their social media followers to see what men and women had to say about their pubic hair preferences. Here’s a couple of quick stats...
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Only 3 leftShave Cream Shaving Cream Uppercut Deluxe | Style Standard
Uppercut Deluxe Shave Cream has been designed to perfectly compliment our Uppercut Deluxe Aftershave Moisturiser as part of a daily routine for the kinda guy that just wants a good shave. With low fragrance, these cream based products will simply...
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Sold outElite Shaving Bundle Shaving Kits Beau Brummell For Men | Style Standard
Elevate your wet shaving experience with this trio of shaving essentials. Formulated with argan oil, vegetable glycerin, and a unique blend of aromatic plant extracts, our lubricating Shaving Cream helps to reduce irritation and leaves skin feeling smooth and clean,...
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