About Us

Looking good is hard work. 

At least, that’s what people tell us.

Whether you’re trying to start a wardrobe, freshen one back up, or you’re just bringing some new style into your life, you could spend months going through different options for just a single piece. That’s all without thinking about the time you’ve got to spend on school or work, dating or your relationship, and even eating, drinking, sleeping, and occasionally pretending like you work out enough.

We’re here to make your life easier. We can’t do your laundry for you or help get your work done, but what we can do is make it easier for you to look and live better than you have before. We’ve spent over a year curating some of the best products we could find for the main parts of your life, and we’re always working on expanding that line and finding even more great pieces for every day.

Style Standard started from a pretty simple question. How much do I need to look good without having too much? With a ton of research online and in person, we think we’ve figured out the core essentials to help you look good in a suit, make your skin look and feel great, and give you the tools you need to pull off a polished and put together look. The best part about this is that with all the work we’ve done, you don’t need to sort through thousands of websites and products.

From neckties and cufflinks to moisturizer and shaving cream, everything we’ve got here is exactly what you need and in exactly the way you need it. Our guiding principle here is: If you don’t have it? You need it.

We’re always here to help you figure things out, so feel free to reach out and ask us anything about what we’ve got or even what we don’t carry. If we can’t answer your question or help solve your problem, we’ll help you find someone who might be able to.

At the end of the day, the goal is to get you looking and feeling better about yourself than ever before.


Meet The Founder

Style Standard founder, James, holding a glass of champagne at an outdoor party looking at a woman speaking

Hey, I'm James, the man behind Style Standard. If we've never met before, let's start with who I am and my background. I was born in Canada to a Canadian parent in Hong Kong and a Hong Kong parent in Canada. Confused? Yeah, so was I.

Long story short, my parents ran a business that had me growing up around people in pretty formal business clothes, so I went in exactly the opposite direction. I became a musician and a DJ, eventually doing all sorts of things in theatres, at live events, and around college campuses and bars. I moved back to Hong Kong a few years ago and became the English voice of Billboard Radio China.

Somewhere in all of that, I realized I had this massive collection of clothes but didn't have the basics down, so I decided to really dive into how to dress well without having too much stuff. It was this exploration into men's style that brought me to an interesting conclusion. There's a lot of retailers out there that have thousands of ever-changing options, but no one's really focused on making sure guys have exactly what they need.

These days, I know almost no guys my age who are in suits every day. Even the finance guys are getting away with more and more casual styles. So what do you do when you go to a wedding or have to impress a client? Rather than having a ton of incongruent pieces that don't work together or look sloppy, we bring you the core essentials and nothing more. From our grooming line to our lifestyle products and all the way over to our formal accessories, I've curated a collection that will bring solid value to your life without the stress of having to figure it all out. The hard work is done, so now your job is to look good and not say anything too weird.

Good Luck. If you need a hand with anything, drop me a line directly at james@stylestandard.com and I'll do what I can to help sort you out.