Leather Wallets & Money Clips

So, the wallet you’ve been sitting on for ages is starting to show its age and embarrass you in public? Yeah, it’s time to grab something new. Whether you’re using paper clips instead of money clips or a plastic bag for a wallet, there are better options out there. Whether you want something with some serious holding skills like a full wallet or something much smaller like a money clip for men, we’ve got some of the best options you can find. Money clips for men are easy ways to hold onto everything without the bulk, while a cardholder wallet gives you that sleek look. Whatever your style, we’ve got something that will work for you.

Cognac Brown Leather Cardholder
If you go back to pictures of NBA stars in the late 90s and early 2000s, they all share a similarly ridiculous sense of style. By modern standards, what they wore back then was way too baggy, way too coordinated,...
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Black Oxidized Steel Money Clip
There was a time when carrying cash around in your pocket was one of the only ways to pay for things. Trying to explain to someone then that there would come a time when all you would need is a...
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Leather Money Clip Wallet
There's a lot of products out there that can do two very different things at the same time. The one that captures the imagination the most is the Swiss produced Rinspeed sQuba, a fully submersible convertible. There hasn't been any...
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