Curated Basics

When it comes to men accessories, our friends at New York-based brand Curated Basics are known for their high quality and affordable prices as much as they are for their great design and attention to detail. We brought in our favorite men’s accessories from across their brand to help improve your everyday life.
Leather Money Clip Wallet
There's a lot of products out there that can do two very different things at the same time. The one that captures the imagination the most is the Swiss produced Rinspeed sQuba, a fully submersible convertible. There hasn't been any...
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Only 4 leftBrass O-Shape Keyring


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There are a few things we find more uniquely annoying than walking with someone who clips their keys to their belt loops. It’s something that really only works when you’re a security guard or janitor, but for some reason, some...
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Steel Flask
On October 2nd, 2018, police in Gilbert, Minnesota released a statement warning residents of drunk and disorderly birds. You read that right, drunk birds. Apparently, an early frost had fermented the berries and some birds were getting drunk off the...
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Only 5 leftThe Oliver - Ivory
If you’ve ever spent time in a Japanese bar, either in Japan or somewhere else in the world, you might have noticed that they have a very different take on cocktails than the western world does. While bartenders from the...
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Retractable Brass Pen
The pen is mightier than the sword. The English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton coined the saying that's lasted since the mid 19th century and could be considered more valid now than ever. Based on an Assyrian sage's teaching from around 500BC,...
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Striped Canvas Dopp Kit
As cities and countries around the world start banning single-use plastics and instituting plastic bag charges in stores, it's clearly a time of change for a lot of habits. No longer will you have a straw to chew on nervously...
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Brushed Steel Tie Clip
Sometimes you've just got to hold things down. Other times, you need something to keep everything in place. In comes the Brushed Steel Tie Clip, a perfect way to keep your tie held up against your chest and out of...
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Only 8 leftThe Chuck - Asphalt
If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi, you might have seen Doctor Who’s Captain Jack Harkness with his vortex manipulator, a leather device strapped to his wrist that let him travel through time. Handed out by the Time Agency, it allows...
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