Men's Silk Ties

There’s something about a silk tie that just works. Maybe it’s the way it drapes so comfortably or the way it holds color so much better than man-made fabrics can, but whatever it is, it’s sexy. Our line of men’s silk ties are all made of 100% silk and that’s a promise. Coming from the same places that do silk ties for some of the biggest br ands in the world, these ties are brand name quality at no-name pricing.
Only 9 leftGreen Knit Tie Formal Style Standard | Style Standard
This might be the easiest style hack you're going to find anywhere. There's something about the texture of the knit tie that just drags people in and makes them want to get closer to your chest. We've seen it in...
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Sold outNavy Solid Tie Formal Style Standard | Style Standard
This is about to become the most important and useful tie you own. We're not kidding, it's seriously that big a deal. When you're buying your first suit, the conventional wisdom is to go either navy blue or charcoal to...
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Only 1 leftRed Pindot Tie Formal Style Standard | Style Standard
Red is, without question, one of the most powerful colors you have in the arsenal. You only need to look through history to prove it. China's ancient Terracotta Warriors are depicted wearing bandanas around their necks that are thought to...
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Red and Blue Repp Tie Formal Style Standard | Style Standard
There was a time where your tie could tell people a lot about you. If you were in the UK a generation ago, a man's tie could tell you what regiment he'd served in, what school he went to, even...
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