Formal Men's Accessories

This category is the building block where Style Standard was founded upon. We wanted to create a brand that would help guys navigate formal fashion better in a time when formal events are few and far between. From talking to our friends and various men around the world, we saw that guys wanted to look good when they wore suits, they just didn’t wear suits often enough to have the experience necessary for it. We’ve curated some of the best options for formal wear all in one place, whether you’re focused on wedding fashion for men or how to wear a suit well, our line here is designed to make sure you always look good.

Only 1 leftCheater Pocket Square Formal Style Standard White | Style Standard
Style Standard

Cheater Pocket Square


We're all looking for an easier road. From apps that give us the quickest ways home to companies that bring restaurants to our doorsteps, we're always on the hunt to make life a little less complicated. Modern science suggests that...
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Only 1 leftRed Pindot Tie Formal Style Standard | Style Standard
Red is, without question, one of the most powerful colors you have in the arsenal. You only need to look through history to prove it. China's ancient Terracotta Warriors are depicted wearing bandanas around their necks that are thought to...
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Straight Arrow Tie Clip Formal Style Standard | Style Standard
There's just something about a bow and arrow that's inherently interesting. In the right hands, a bow and arrow are a silent but deadly pair that can be used to effect massive damage. From the early days of the American...
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Red and Blue Repp Tie Formal Style Standard | Style Standard
There was a time where your tie could tell people a lot about you. If you were in the UK a generation ago, a man's tie could tell you what regiment he'd served in, what school he went to, even...
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Only 5 leftThe Oliver - Ivory Formal Curated Basics | Style Standard
If you’ve ever spent time in a Japanese bar, either in Japan or somewhere else in the world, you might have noticed that they have a very different take on cocktails than the western world does. While bartenders from the...
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Brushed Steel Tie Clip Formal Curated Basics | Style Standard
Sometimes you've just got to hold things down. Other times, you need something to keep everything in place. In comes the Brushed Steel Tie Clip, a perfect way to keep your tie held up against your chest and out of...
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Sold outNavy Solid Tie Formal Style Standard | Style Standard
This is about to become the most important and useful tie you own. We're not kidding, it's seriously that big a deal. When you're buying your first suit, the conventional wisdom is to go either navy blue or charcoal to...
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Only 8 leftThe Chuck - Asphalt Formal Curated Basics | Style Standard
If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi, you might have seen Doctor Who’s Captain Jack Harkness with his vortex manipulator, a leather device strapped to his wrist that let him travel through time. Handed out by the Time Agency, it allows...
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Only 1 leftBlack Bow Tie Formal Style Standard | Style Standard
Alright, it's finally happened. You've been invited to something a little fancier than your average networking event or client meeting Maybe it's a ball, a wedding, or just a really fancy party, but whatever it is, you've got to start...
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Purple Flower Lapel Pin Formal Style Standard | Style Standard
According to Christian legend, carnations first came into being as Jesus carried the cross through Jerusalem. Apparently, The Virgin Mary cried at Jesus' plight and carnations sprang up where her tears fell. We can hardly verify or deny those claims...
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