If you want to improve your style, you're already on the way. Your desire to do so shows you are miles ahead of men who don't bother. The following fashion tips will help you create a sophisticated appearance that makes you stand out without being loud. 

Focus on the basics
Are you drawn to prominent clothing when you're shopping? If so, your closet's probably filled with garments that scream "look at me." Patterned shirts, striped jackets, and other loud items can be terrific statement pieces. The only trouble is, most of them don't go together, so you either don't wear them or risk dressing like a candy store window display.
Make life simple by selecting a basic wardrobe of key pieces you can mix and match. When shopping for clothes, think about what's already in your closet. Ask yourself whether the garment you're considering purchasing will look terrific with the clothing you own. If not, leave it on the hanger.

Slim down your closet
Is your closet bulging, but you hardly wear any of the clothes it contains? As a general rule, get rid of garments you haven't worn for over a year. Once you've thinned out your clothing, finding items that go together and choosing what to wear will be simple.
You'll be able to see what you've got if it isn't hiding behind other clothes. Plus, when you only keep items that look terrific on you, you'll always look stylish. Consider selling the clothes you want to get rid of and reinvesting the money you get from them into clothing you'll wear.

Think about how you wear clothes
Do you tuck your shirts into your pants? If not, experiment. Look in a full-length mirror when your shirt's not tucked in and notice the difference when it is tucked in your pants. You'll see you look smarter, and your outfit appears more expensive when tops are not hanging loose.
Similarly, are your pants and jeans a little too long in the leg? Plenty of men allow their long pants the scrunch up around the ankle, which is fine. However, carefully roll them up to fit correctly, and you'll see they look more stylish than when they are rolled down. Alternatively, buy pants the right length, and you won't have to worry.


Unless you anticipate trudging through snow or mud, a pair of comfortable, stylish sneakers are a must. You can wear them with many outfits, and they aren't likely to go out of fashion for a long time, so consider them an investment.

Likewise, don't underestimate the importance of owning a pair of dark jeans. Light blue denim jeans are fun, but indigo or black is sophisticated and smart. You might not be able to wear them to work, but your street cred will go up when you are socializing if you have them on.

You'll also need a great jacket for casual wear. The type you choose depends on your taste. Some men wear bomber jackets, while others prefer blazers. Your jacket should be a go-to item you can wear with a tee shirt or regular shirt, jeans and sneakers.

An excellent leather belt is another fashion must-have - it defines your waist and signals the end of your top and the beginning of the bottom half of your body. As such, your belt is always on show and needs to look terrific. Invest in a dark leather belt that's suitable to wear with smart or casual clothes to instantly make your outfit appear stylish.

Have you got a suit? You might not imagine you need one. However, at some point, you'll have to attend an event where you're required to wear a suit. Whether you go to a job interview, funeral, wedding, or business meeting, wearing casual clothes is inappropriate. [Edit: Looking to pick up a suit? We've got a great guide on that here.]

When buying a suit put on your practical head; choose a versatile color like gray or navy rather than a bright color or quirky style you won't be able to wear to some events. Also, ensure the suit fits you beautifully, and it will serve you for years to come. Additionally, check our range of men fashion accessories that go great with suits.

You can easily improve your style and look fashionable. Update and slim down your wardrobe, and think about how you wear your clothes to present them the best way. As a result, your quiet sophistication will show observers you're a tasteful guy.

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