These promotions have ended, but we're keeping this article online to link to our friends at Wine Moments. If you're in Hong Kong, they're definitely worth checking out for great wine and gin.


Hey folks,

It's your friendly founder James here to talk about our latest partnership to help guys and gals get that perfect Valentine's Day gift without any extra work. I know this year has been a pretty tough one, and not just for Style Standard. It feels like everything's been cancelled, life is on hold, and things are just consistently falling apart. My solution to that has been to just keep drinking. It's not always the best choice, but it sure does feel like it when I do it.

That's why I partnered up with my friends at Wine Moments Hong Kong to come up with the perfect Valentine's Day combo. With bars and restaurants closed, social distancing the newest addition to the dictionary, and Zoom the latest four letter word in everyone's lexicon, there's not much you can do.

Thankfully, couches are still open seating, bottles of wine aren't illegal, and snuggling up with that special someone can still be plenty romantic. Whether you're near your honey or you're on the other side of the world, there's nothing wrong with getting them something that's going to get them through the night.

If you're buying for a guy, we've partnered up with Wine Moments to create the Treat Your Man Gift Box (seen below). A lot of guys don't take the time to take care of themselves in a way that could really help, and even more aren't necessarily going to be buying themselves something nice (especially this year). Take care of that by getting him two of our top sellers, a Kaolin Clay Face Mask (from Beau Brummell for Men) and a Leather Money Clip Wallet (from Curated Basics), along with two great bottles of wine. As someone who's made the effort to try everything that Wine Moments has to offer (multiple times when I can), I can safely say that you're going to be impressed by what you get. It all comes done up in a beautiful gift box and is all fancy and whatnot.

Wine Moments x Style Standard Treat Your Man Gift Box Contents and Gift Box

If you're buying for a lady, well, these great folks at Wine Moments have you covered. Sadly, we weren't able to help them with that, but they found a great local company that is bucking the super socially conservative mindset that's been part of Hong Kong's fabric for decades. Sally's Toy is a Hong Kong born and bred brand that's so much more than a sex toy shop. They're all about making sex and sexuality a special and wonderful experience. Just like Style Standard is all about helping guys break the mold and look and feel good, Sally's Toy is about helping people break out of their ruts and develop a healthy and safe sex life. To that end, Wine Moments and Sally's Toy have the Love Wine and Sally Coco Gift Box (pictured below). It's got 2 great wines (different from the men's box!) and iroha RIN+ Rechargeable Vibrator from Sally's Toy. Whether she's just thinking about you or you've been invited in to the inner sanctum, she's sure to fall in love a couple times a night with this box.

Wine Moments X Sally's Toy Love Wine & Sally Coco Gift Box Contents and Box

There is just one piece of bad news in all of this excitement. Due to international law and, you know, the wine that's part of this box, these items are currently only available in Hong Kong. We're going to be working on some more boxes and collaborations in the coming months, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. Until then though, there's nothing stopping you from putting in an order through us or Sally's Toy and grabbing a couple bottles of wine from your favourite local retailer. Just make sure they're a small business, that way you're really spreading the love for Valentine's Day.


Want to find out more? You're always welcome to drop me a line at I'm happy to talk about this, any of our products, general style and fashion philosophies, or even just the weather. Whatever floats your boat.

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