11"/12.9" iPad Pro Sleeve


Designed for a perfectly snug fit, these minimalist and functional leather sleeves for the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9-inch models are crafted using the most exceptional organic materials. The exterior is made with our amazingly soft and protective vegetable-tanned full-grain Scandinavian leather. The interior is tailored with the finest 100% natural grey wool that offers not only reassuring protection but also an attractive contrast with the leather. Made for maximum functionality, you can charge your iPad right in the sleeve and it also works great as a pad underneath the device while using it.

Every aspect of the iPad Pro sleeve is tailored with attention to detail that matches the supreme quality. It’s made by sewing grey woolen felt to a precision cut of leather using strong nylon threading. Using precision techniques, the more vulnerable open sides and corners are reinforced with a thread that’s looped and locked.

Vegetable-tanned, full-grain Scandanavian leather and 100% natural grey wool felt

Slide that iPad pro right into there and hit the road! The Black Leather matches the screen beautifully and works great with a futuristic, all-tech style or a more formal black oxford and full tie kind of vibe. The Cognac Leather is a straight-up classic that pairs well with tweed jackets and hunting caps (or blue jeans and white t-shirts if you're so inclined).

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11"/12.9" iPad Pro Sleeve Tech Accessory Woolnut | Style Standard
11"/12.9" iPad Pro Sleeve