Brass O-Shape Keyring


There are a few things we find more uniquely annoying than walking with someone who clips their keys to their belt loops. It’s something that really only works when you’re a security guard or janitor, but for some reason, some guys do it no matter what they are. Now, we can’t do anything about those guys and their keys, but we can offer you a stylish and functional place that will fit all of your keys.

Big enough to carry everything but thin enough to take almost any key, the Brass O-Shape Keyring is exactly what your keys need. It’s durable enough to last you for years and comes with a screw-lock mechanism, so you’re never going to lose a key. Now the only thing you’ve got to worry about is how many keys you need.

100% Brass

Put your keys onto this. Pair it up with anything with pockets.

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