Black Bow Tie


Alright, it's finally happened. You've been invited to something a little fancier than your average networking event or client meeting Maybe it's a ball, a wedding, or just a really fancy party, but whatever it is, you've got to start classing it up. You want to look sleek, cool, and put together, and who's better at that than James Bond? If you picture him in your mind, odds are you're thinking the guy in a tuxedo with a black bowtie. (You may also be thinking of him coming out of the water, but that's for another time.) One of the biggest appeals of his character is that he's smooth, comfortable, and never too much. We might not be able to give you all of those qualities, but what we can give you is one of the most iconic pieces of his style to make your own.

Woven Polyester
11.75cm (4.6in) horizontal
6.5cm (2.6in) vertical

A black bowtie is a piece that most guys don't think about picking up but is the epitome of class and style at any formal event. Pair it up with a full tuxedo or rock it on an everyday suit to dress it up or down a little. Put together with a white shirt, you're going to look like the classiest dude in the room. Want to take it an extra step? Get a tuxedo shirt with black studs or a covered placket shirt that hides your shirt buttons from view.

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