Navy Solid Tie


This is about to become the most important and useful tie you own. We're not kidding, it's seriously that big a deal. When you're buying your first suit, the conventional wisdom is to go either navy blue or charcoal to get the most bang for your buck. You can wear it to a wedding, business meeting, or just because, and it will always look good. The Navy Solid Tie works the exact same way; it pairs up with jeans, a dark suit, and everywhere in between. This is one of the easiest ties to rock because it goes with almost everything and makes you look just that much more elegant.

On a darker suit, this tie will blend in and keep your look stylish without being offensive. With a lighter suit, you can use this tie to anchor your outfit and go a little wilder with shirts and accessories. The Navy Solid Tie also works well on a light, plain shirt and a pair of jeans with a casual jacket over it all to tell people you know how to look good but can be counted on in a pinch.

100% Silk with a subtle horizontal texture
58.5in (148.6cm) Long
3in (7.6cm) Wide

The Navy Solid Tie is a versatile, conservative favorite. Perfect for weddings, funerals, court dates, job interviews, and even just a day at the office, this tie lets you and the rest of your outfit shine.

Rocking a loud suit? Pair this up with a white or light blue shirt to ground your look.

Going for a conservative suit? This lets you wear a louder shirt (like a gingham or a floral) or something more colorful like light pink, light yellow, or lilac.

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