Webbed Belt (Patterned)

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We have documentation of belts all the way back into the Bronze Age. Granted, bronze belts are a bit of a nightmare to fit and adjust, but thankfully we've moved on from there. In the mid 19th century and into the 20th, belts were a largely decorative accessory, used mostly by military men to make their waists look slimmer and emphasize their shoulders.

You probably shouldn't be worried about emphasizing your shoulders these days (or at least, you shouldn't be doing it with a belt so tight you can't breathe), but having the right belt can really help. You can go solid colored for a slightly more toned-down look, but a bit of pattern can really help add some fun and life to an otherwise boring outfit. Grab something that matches the colors in your outfit or get even more daring and go for a complete contrast. Either way, a knit belt like this is always going to fit you perfectly.

Please Note: This product ships directly from the supplier and will ship separately from any other products ordered.

Material: Knitted Polyester and Polyurethane, Leather, Metal
Belt Width: 3.3cm (1.3 in)
Buckle Length: 5.1cm (2 in)
Buckle Width: 4.2cm (1.7 in)

You don't want to get too matched up with the rest of your outfit here, but tying in certain colors can definitely help. Try matching a main color from the belt to something else you're wearing or think about how certain colors contrast against each other (like black and white, brown and green, or blue and red). This isn't really for formal looks, so don't wear this with a suit to something you want to look professional or dressed up at, but they work great for business casual looks with chinos or jeans or with a dressy casual look like shorts and a rolled-up OCBD.

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Webbed Belt (Patterned) Belts Style Standard | Style Standard
Webbed Belt (Patterned)