Are you looking for long hairstyles for men? You’ve come to the right place. For any guys thinking of growing their hair out, there are plenty of longer hairstyles to choose from - ranging from man-buns to textured waves.

In this blog post, we’ve listed 10 long hairstyles for men to try for themselves. Let's dive right in.

The Man-Bun

First up on our list of long hairstyles for men, we have the man-bun - a modern classic that looks flattering on any guy.

What’s great about this particular style is that it’s so versatile - there are many different ways you can shape and style a man-bun (we'll cover it in more detail below). It’s also a really practical hairstyle - especially on those frantic days when you need your hair out of your face.

All you need to do is comb your hair back with your fingers and lock it in place with a hair tie. Depending on your hair length, the bun should sit loosely, just below your crown.

The Ponytail

Next up, we have the ponytail - a much neater variation of the man-bun.

What set’s the ponytail apart is that it sits much lower, typically towards the back of the neck. It has a slightly tighter grip too, which means there are fewer flyaways than with a messy man-bun - which makes it a tidier choice for any gentleman in the workplace.

Just like with the man-bun, ponytails are another practical hair-do for guys with longer hair, especially since it gets your hair out of your face so you can concentrate.

Half Up, Half Down

The Half Up, Half Down hair-do is exactly what it sounds like. The hair-do features the top layer of hair secured into a man-bun or ponytail, while the sides and back flow freely.

This sleek look is the perfect balance between style and practicality, especially since it keeps the hair off your face while remaining a relaxed feel at the back.

The Mullet

In recent years, we’ve seen the Mullet make a surprising comeback - and though we’re not sure how long this trend will last, it’s certainly worth a look for guys looking for a bold long hairstyle.

This particular style initially took its stride in the 1980s and was often seen in celebrities such as Billy Ray Cyrus and Patrick Swayze. The style traditionally features a much shorter top and sides, with more length at the back.

These days, there are plenty of gentlemen wearing mullets with a modern twist - including more length on the top and shaved sides.

Textured Waves

For guys looking to let their hair down with a relaxed style - textured waves are a great option.

This has become a very popular option for guys recently, particularly since it’s quite easy to create and pull off. All you need to do is scrunch the damp hair with a light styling mousse and let it air dry. Then, comb back the top into a loose pompadour.

It’s a great choice for guys that enjoy running through a simple hair-styling routine.

The Long Undercut

A long undercut is another great choice for guys chasing a hairstyle that stands above the crowd.

As the name suggests, this style features a significant amount of length on the top, with shaved back and sides. This creates an intriguing, yet stylish contrast that’ll be sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

The hair on the top of the head can be styled in several ways - whether it’s slicked back, tied up into a man-bun/ ponytail, or naturally positioned to the side.

Long & Straight

There’s something very stylish and daring about the simplicity of long, straight hair.

This particular style is no-nonsense and straightforward. It lacks any texture and puts all the focus on the natural length and shine of the hair. Though to achieve this effect, a lot of upkeep is necessary.

This includes keeping the ends neatly trimmed, avoiding frizz at all costs, and using a serum to keep the hair nice and shiny. For guys that don’t mind this extra upkeep, a straight, long style is a great choice.

Long & Curly

If your hair simply won’t comply with the long and straight style, why not embrace the long and curly hair-do instead? After all, some gentlemen would kill for those curls!

That being said, these curls will need just as much attention, otherwise, they’ll turn into a frizzy mess. To keep your curls in tip-top shape, it’s crucial to keep them moisturised. Remember to use a conditioner often and to avoid blow-drying your hair.

The Slick-Back

The slick-back is a timeless hairstyle for guys with shorter hair because it’s easy to style and looks flattering. And fortunately for guys with longer hair, this style can be adopted by you too.

This style is best suited to guys with a medium length and is as simple as running your fingers straight through your hair towards, behind the ears, and to the back of your neck. You can hold it in place with a pomade or gel for a classic shine finish.

The Side-Part

Lastly, on our list of long hairstyles for men, we have another timeless classic that guys with long hair can also embrace - the side-part.

Rather than parting the hair in the middle (a common choice for guys with long hair), try parting the hair on the side instead and pushing everything over.

You can determine which side to part your hair on by finding your cowlick. If the hair grows counter-clockwise, you can part your hair on the right. Or, part it on the left if it grows clockwise.

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