With such a wide range of trending hairstyles for men to choose between, finding the perfect hair-do for your face-shape and personality can be a real struggle. Let’s simplify things, shall we?

Whether you’re eager to shake-it-up with a short or long hairstyle this year, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve listed 6 trending hairstyles for men in 2022 - check it out!

Man with side part hair cut does some drilling in a work shed | Style Standard
  • The Side-Part

First up on our list of trending hairstyles for men, we have the side-part. It’s one of those hairstyles that’s simply timeless, and it’s not hard to understand why. The side-part is easy enough to style, suits a lot of face shapes, and is simple to maintain.

To create the side-part, it’s better to have thicker hair with a good amount of length and volume. All you need to do is comb all the hair on the top of your head to one side, with the help of styling cream or pomade. There’s not much to it!

Style Standard founder James Thomson-Sakhrani in a side profile showing off his pompadour haircut and spectacular beard | Style Standard
(Yeah, this is our founder, James. Finding pictures that we can legally use in this blog can be tough at the best of times, let alone when we're trying to explain something specific. Plus, he really likes this picture.)
  • The Pompadour

The pompadour is a classic hairstyle for men that seemingly will never go out of style - especially since most guys can pull-off this hair-do when it’s styled properly.

The pompadour hairstyle features shorter sides, with a longer supply of hair on the top. This hair is carried up and back to add its signature, voluminous finish. To keep the hairs upright and to add subtle texture, a stronger styling product is recommended.

Man with slicked back hair and short beard in collarless shirt on blue sky background | Style Standard
  • The Slick-Back

Another timeless hairstyle that seriously won’t quit is the slick-back. This hair-do was otherwise known as the ducktail, and it took its stride during the 1950s. Though it continues to be a go-to hairstyle for gentlemen for several reasons - it’s low maintenance, easy to create, and very stylish.

That being said, one important thing to remember when creating the slick-back is not to go overboard with the styling product. Less is more if you want to recreate that subtle, natural look.


Man in long sleeved green t-shirt with ponytail talking on cell phone | Style Standard
  • The Ponytail
  • What about guys working with longer hair? Well, consider the ponytail - it’s the perfect balance between practical and stylish.

    Pulling-off this hairstyle will require patience and dedication. After all, you’ll need to grow your hair down to your shoulders at least to be able to create this look - though it’s worth the effort.

    Once you’ve reached this point, all you need to do is tuck your hair back and loosely secure it behind your neck - or shake things up with a man-bun.


    Man in dark t-shirt facing downwards showing off a caesar cut from above | Style Standard
  • The Caesar Cut
  • Are you looking for something a bit different from your hair-do? If so, the Caesar cut might be worth considering. Named for its resemblance to the Roman emperor himself, it’s safe to say this hair-do won’t be going away shortly.

    This hairstyle is much shorter in length around the sides and back, with a slightly longer length on top. Then a neat, but slight fringe is added to round out the look.

    Man with short buzz cut, fade, and groomed beard in dark blue suit and light blue shirt | Style Standard
    This particular cut is super sharp, which some people prefer. You can definitely do the same with a softer edge to your hairline.
  • The Buzz Cut
  • The ‘buzz cut’ is perfect for those gentlemen chasing a hair-do that’s low maintenance and no-nonsense. This style involves putting the clippers to work, going short on the top, back, and sides.

    What you’re left with is a hairstyle that requires little to no maintenance - what guy wouldn’t love that? For blokes with a square face shape, the buzz cut will work nicely.

    Hair-Styling Essentials For Men

  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • These two products are staples of any good hair care routine - and for good reason. Shampoo works to clean any grime or dirt from the hair, while conditioner restores moisture, softens, and makes the hair easier to style.

    This Everyday Shampoo & Conditioner by Uppercut is a great choice for blokes on the hunt for a daily washing product. The Everyday Shampoo is infused with licorice and menthol to energise the scalp without leaving it feeling limp. As for the Everyday Conditioner, this product is formulated to gently moisturise and protect the hair to leave it feeling fresh, clean, and ready for styling.

  • Styling Product
  • Styling products are easily one of the most important elements of your hair-styling routine. That being said, there are heaps to consider before buying a styling jar, including the strength of the hold, the finish, and the type of hairstyle you’re trying to create.

    For example, if you’re hoping to pull off those classic hairstyles, like the slick-backs and side-parts, you’d need a product with a stronger hold - such as this high-shine Deluxe Pomade by Uppercut.

    Or, if you’re chasing a natural-look, you’d opt for a cream that offers a much lighter-hold and a matte finish - like this Easy Hold by Uppercut. This particular blend is perfect for loose hairstyles that need a bit of texture.

  • Styling Comb
  • Having the right styling product for your hair is one thing, but you’ll also need to get your hands on the right styling tool. When it comes to choosing a styling brush, it’s important to opt for a piece that’s durable, easy to use, and provides you with the most control.

    This CT9 Styling Comb is a worthy companion - with a flat handle and long teeth, it’s perfect for guys with medium to long hair lengths. It offers maximum control, is comfortable to use, and is made from very durable cellulose acetate. This piece will be sticking around for the long haul.

  • Degreaser
  • The last product we’d recommend is something to deal with any styling product that’s built up over time - specifically, the Degreaser by Uppercut.

    Its formula can be applied to wet or dry hair to help flush away even the heaviest of build-up, without drying-out your hair. All you need to do is create a slight lather to leave your hair feeling nice and clean.

    In Summary

    Weaving through the noise to find a hair-do to suit your face shape and personality can be a daunting task. Though with this list of 6 trending hairstyles for men by your side, we hope to make the process a little bit easier.

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