Especially for gentlemen who have a habit of rushing out the door every morning, learning how to get ready faster is a lesson that’s worth your time.

After all, wouldn’t your mornings be much easier to enjoy if you weren’t rushing through your grooming routine or skipping breakfast? We certainly think so! Plus, with a few morning hacks by your side, you’d be surprised just how much time you can save.

Are you eager to learn how to get ready faster? In this post, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you glide through your morning routine with ease. Take a look.

How Long Should It Take To Get Ready In The Morning?

Before we dive into it, we have to answer that crucial question - how long should it take to get ready in the morning?

The short answer is that it largely depends on what your typical morning routine is. Though to get dressed, push through your grooming routine, have breakfast, and get out the door, we’d say about 30 to 45-minutes should be enough time.

If you take a little longer to wake up or enjoy going through your morning routine at a slower pace, it might be worth setting your alarm a little earlier.

How To Get Ready Faster

Now that we've covered the basics, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. Learn how to get ready faster with these 7 simple tips below.

  • Plan Your Outfit

Preparing the night before is absolutely essential when it comes to streamlining your morning routine. This means sorting out your outfit, ironing your clothes, and laying it all out so it’s ready to go.

You’d be surprised how long it can take to plan an outfit in the morning. This simple step takes all the stress out of getting ready and allows you to focus your mind on more important things.

  • Set An Alarm

Especially if you’ve got an early rise or an important meeting in the morning, don’t forget to set your alarm before bed.

After all, you don’t want to be scrambling through your morning routine, rushing to get out the door because you’ve slept in. That’s no way to start your morning!

Though if that’s not convincing enough, set your alarm for peace of mind and a better night’s sleep.

  • Keep Your Phone Away

Whether we’re using our phones before bed or first thing in the morning, spending too much time on social media can easily throw our morning routine out of whack.

Aside from setting your alarm, you should also try putting your phone on the other side of the room. This will eliminate the urge to mindlessly scroll before bed and will stop you from smacking the snooze first thing in the morning.

  • Get An Early Night

In the moment, it might be tempting to watch one more episode or start a movie before nodding off - though, for the sake of your morning routine, we’d suggest just calling it a night.

Late-nights make an early rise even harder to deal with. With less sleep under your belt, it’s more tempting to smack the snooze button - which can be a recipe for disaster.

Start your day off on a good note with a full 8 hours of quality sleep behind you.

  • Streamline Your Grooming Routine

A grooming routine is easily one of the most time-consuming aspects of the morning. After all, there’s a long checklist of things that need to be done - you need to do your hair, brush your teeth, have a shower, take care of your skin, and look after any facial hair.

With this long to-do list, it’s well worth finding ways to cut down your morning grooming regime to get you out the door faster. This could be as simple as showering before bed, grabbing some multi-purpose skincare products, or shaving the night before. It may sound simple, but these habits will save you a whole lot of time in the morning

For gentlemen hoping to organise their morning skincare routine, you can’t go wrong with this Smooth Operator Bundle. The pack includes a gentleman’s face scrub and deep cleansing charcoal face wash by Beau Brummell For Men. It’s a perfect combination for keeping your skin looking its very best.

  • Swap To An On-The-Go Breakfast

Especially for gentlemen hoping to start their day off strong, skipping breakfast is a big no-no. It might be necessary to help keep you on-time, but doing so might make you feel more lethargic as the day pushes on.

For those mornings where you need a quick bite on your way out the door, consider picking up a lighter meal. This could be as simple as a muesli bar, tub of yoghurt, or piece of fruit.

  • Keep The Essentials Together

That last-minute scramble for your wallet or keys can be enough to crumble your entire morning routine.

Instead of running around on a frantic scavenger hunt, try and get into the habit of keeping your essential EDC in one convenient location. This could be in your work bag or on your entryway table. So when you’re ready to walk out the door, you can grab your wallet and keys without skipping a beat.

If you need a hand keeping those essential EDC items all in one place, consider grabbing this Catch-All Leather Tray. Who knew that storing your wallet and keys could be so elegant? It’s made from top-grain Italian leather and lined with nubuck suede, so you know it’ll last the long haul.

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