Navigating the vast range of men's hair products on the market is becoming harder and harder - with many hair care products each serving a different purpose. So, this begs the question: which of these products are absolutely essential? And which could we leave behind?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted. Ranging from the basics like shampoo and conditioner to styling powders and degreasers, take a look at these 8 essential men's hair products below.

  • Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoos and conditioners are a staple of even the most basic grooming routines. This is for good reason since they work to cleanse the hair of any dirt and oil while restoring moisture in the process.

The Everyday Shampoo and Everyday Conditioner by Uppercut Deluxe are the perfect cleansing tools to best prepare the hair for styling. Across the 2 products are a blend of natural ingredients - including licorice, menthol, and olive leaf extract.

Apply the shampoo to wet hair and create a rich lather. After thoroughly rinsing, work the conditioner through damp hair, followed by another rinse.

  • Degreaser

Particularly if you’re regularly using styling products in your hair, a degreaser can be a valuable addition to your inventory.

A degreaser deals with product build-up or other grime in your hair, helping you to wash it out with ease.

Uppercut Deluxe’s Degreaser was created to deal with the heaviest of build-ups and can be used on either dry or wet hair. Directly apply the blend to the hair and massage it in to create a lather. Follow this with a thorough rinse and a conditioner.

  • Styling Powder

When it comes to styling products, men are gifted with a wide range of options. First up, there’s styling powder - used to add volume and textured to the hair by providing hold from the root.

Styling powder is best used on dry hair. After gently shaking the mixture and lightly covering the hair, simply rake it into place.

Check out this styling powder, also by Uppercut Deluxe. It’s perfect for creating crops and quiffs finished with a natural shine.

  • Styling Paste

Styling paste is one of the most versatile men's hair products you could add to a grooming arsenal. They can be used on any hair length to create a range of styles. Plus, they provide a medium to firm hold and a much lower shine when compared to strong styling products like pomade.

Styling paste is best used on dry hair. Start by applying a small dollop to your hands and evenly spreading it over the palms and fingers. Then, work it through your hair evenly and mold to your liking.

Check out this styling paste by Uppercut Deluxe. It has a low shine, firm hold, and can provide your hair-do with supreme volume and lift.

  • Pomade

If you’re on the hunt for a much stronger hold, this is where a pomade comes in handy. This styling product works well on a variety of hair lengths and is perfect for pompadours, slicked back, and side parts.

The Deluxe Pomade by Uppercut Deluxe provides a strong hold and high shine, minus the stiffness. Plus, since it’s water-soluble, the blend washes out with ease.

Pomade works best when it’s applied to dry hair. Warm-up a small amount of the mixture in your palms and evenly spread it over your hands. From there, evenly spread the pomade throughout your hair and use a comb to shape.

  • Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt spray works by adding texture to your hair, adding volume, reducing frizz, and highlighting waves or curls.

To use sea salt spray, begin by wetting your hair, combing out any knots, and shaking your bottle of sea salt spray. Then, begin to gently scrunch and twist your hair to achieve that waiver look. Finish off by drying your hair with a hairdryer, while avoiding the hotter settings.

Avoid towel-drying your hair as this can reverse the effects of sea salt spray by causing frizz.

  • Dry Shampoo

If you’re on the go and need to deal with greasy hair, dry shampoo can be a great option. The ingredients work to soak-up any sweat or oil in your hair to leave behind a cleaner looking and feeling head of hair.

Using dry shampoo couldn’t be easier. Simply hold the spray a few inches from your hair and spray it where your hair parts. From here, you can use your fingers to spread the mixture evenly throughout your hair.

  • Styling Comb

What styling routine is complete without the proper comb? Having the right styling comb for your hair makes styling a breeze, giving you the most control over your hair.

Take a look at this CT9 Styling Comb, with long teeth and a flat handle to provide both precision and comfort.

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