Many of us have those must-have everyday carry items that we wouldn’t leave home without - most commonly our phone chargers, wallets, or keychains.

Though in the vast world of EDC gear, this only scratches the surface. There’s many other essential EDC items that often go ignored or neglected, despite the potential they hold to enhance our daily routines

As we get ever closer to a return to normalcy, it’s time you upgraded your EDC list. Check out these 10 must-have everyday carry items below.  


  • Hand Sanitiser 

Hand sanitiser has become one of the most important must-have everyday carry items - and for good reason. It significantly lessens your chances of picking up a nasty bug.

Be sure to keep a hand sanitiser close by. After all, it’s quicker than washing your hands, is very effective for killing bacteria, and can help to keep you in tip top shape. 

When using a hand sanitiser, remember to rub palm to palm, then the back of your hands, between your fingers, and around your thumb. 

  • Card Holder 

It’s easy to understand why we need to have our wallet nearby while we’re on the go. Basically, it provides an accessible spot for all of our cards  - whether it’s our bank cards, drivers license, membership IDs, or just our loose cash. 

Though when it comes to picking a card holder or wallet, it’s worth grabbing one with a sleek, slim design, rather than a bulkier counterpart that can throw-off your entire outfit. 

This streamlined Cognac Brown Leather Card Holder is the perfect addition to your EDC arsenal. It’s made from 100% vegetable tanned leather and thread, with a total of 4 pockets. It works well in both casual and formal settings. 

Front Image of the Cognac Brown Leather Cardholder | Style Standard

One of the great things about leather wallets and cardholders like this? They age beautifully. Over time, you'll find the leather darkens, the shape changes to fit your cards and cash better, and it gets even softer and smoother than it is now. Eventually, you'll even be able to hand it down to someone else.

  • Comb 

Whether you’re about to walk in to an important meeting or catching up with a special someone over a coffee, it pays to have a comb handy. 

Maintaining your hair-do all day long can be a tough job - especially on those windy days. With a small styling comb nearby, you can quickly take care of any flyaway hairs to keep you looking your best. 

If you’re hunting for an on-the-go styling tool, take a look at the CT7 Flip Comb. With fold-away teeth, this styling tool will slip right into your pocket - making it perfect for on-the-go use. 

  • Umbrella

Whether it’s for a sunny or rainy day, you can’t underestimate the value of carrying an umbrella. 

It’s hard to appreciate its value until you’re caught off guard by a sudden shower - though without it, you’re left with a tampered hair-do and dripping outfit. This can be a dastardly combination to have before for an important meeting. 

  • Phone Charger 

It may be tough for some of us to admit, but we’d be lost without our phones. They keep us connected with a variety of essential everyday tools - like maps, banking, camera, and more.

So, when our phone dies on us halfway through the day, it can really throw a spanner in the works. To avoid any stress, remember to pack a charger before heading out the door.
To take things to another level, try packing a small battery pack. It’ll save you the trouble of trying to find a powerpoint. 

Black Person's Hand Raised with Palm Facing Camera and Charging Cable Coming From The Wrist | Style Standard

Sadly, we're not quite at this point just yet, so you're still going to need to remember a cable and a battery pack.

  • Pen 

Our smartphones clearly play a pivotal role in our day to day lives, though nothing will replace the simple elegance of carrying your own pen. You’d be surprised just how often it will come in handy.

Whether you’re using a pen to sign checks, jot down spontaneous thoughts, or deal with sudden paperwork - having a pen nearby just proves to be convenient. 

This Retractable Brass Pen is a great travel companion. With a smooth and satisfying glide, it’s a classy alternative to the cheap plastic option. 

  • Business Card Case 

When you hand a colleague or customer a business card, it needs to be in tip-top shape. Passing over a weathered business card that’s been loosely sitting in your bag or wallet can give off the wrong impression.

This is why it’s handy for entrepreneurs or business owners to have a card holder nearby - to keep the cards looking sharp and professional.

The Brass Business Card Case is a subtle solution to storing your business cards safely while you’re out and about. It’s slim design slides effortlessly into your pocket, yet it’s big enough to store a decent number of cards. 

  • Wrist Watch 

Wrist watches have become a stylish accessory over the years, though their core time-telling function cannot be undervalued. 

Above all, they’re less distracting than a smartphone and are a much more convenient means of keeping track of close deadlines or upcoming meetings. 

The Oliver Wrist Watch by Curated Basics offers a subtle, minimalist style - with Japanese quartz movement. It can be dressed up or down for any occasion. 

The Chuck Watch on A Black Leather Strap and The Oliver Watch on a Brown Leather Strap Over A Wood Block With An Empty Decanter Behind | Style Standard

The great thing about these watches is that the NATO bands they use are totally interchangeable. You can buy a ton of bands and rock the same watch in millions of ways.

  • Leather Tray

If you find yourself often rushing out the door while hunting down your phone, wallet, and keys - it may be time to invest in a leather tray. It’s a great way to declutter both your space and mind, knowing all your essentials are together and ready when you need them. 

The best part? A leather tray doesn’t just have to be for at-home use. Keep your belongings in one safe, secure location whether you’re on the plane, getting lunch with a friend, or are at the office. 

Keep your EDC in one clean, stylish spot with this Catch-all Leather Tray. Made from top-grain Italian leather and fully lined nubuck suede, this tray is a convenient option whether you’re at home or on the road. 

  • Keychain 

Particularly if you’ve got a messy set of keys, it’s worth taking the time to get organised and declutter - it’ll save you a lot of time in the long run. 

Once you’ve got your hands on a quality, long lasting key chain, start gathering your keys and determining their functions. If you know what they do and you use them daily or weekly, keep them on your keychain. If they’re used less than monthly, consider saving space by storing them at home.

Avoid double ups and unnecessary keychains that don’t serve a purpose - there’s no room for unnecessary bulk. 

The Brass-O-Shape Keyring has an alluring thin design, but is strong enough to handle almost any key. Plus, with its screw-lock mechanism, you can rest easy knowing that your keys are safe and secure. 


As always, if you’ve got any questions about EDC items, want to ask about any of the products we’ve mentioned above, or just want to chat, feel free to reach out at James@StyleStandard.Com


About The Author

Nicholas Hastie is a Brisbane-based writer/photographer, with a passion for anything and everything related to men's style and fashion. If he's not hunting for new additions to his EDC arsenal, you'll probably find him chasing those wild Aussie landscapes with his camera at the ready.

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