If you’re looking for some great Valentine’s Day gifts for him, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list featuring some unique and meaningful gifts that he’ll actually use - take a look below!


  • Intense Moisture Bundle | Beau Brummell For Men 
  • To kick things off, we have the Intense Moisture Bundle by Beau Brummell For Men - the perfect gift for those guys in your life that need an extra hand with their skincare routine. 

    The pack includes a matte-finish facial moisturiser and a charcoal face mask, which work together to draw-out impurities, promote smoothness, and encourage hydration. 

    (James: Since writing this article, we've actually sold out of this version of our Charcoal Face Mask. We've got a new version of the bundle here with the updated Kaolin Clay Face Mask that has just landed!)



  • Handsome Hand’s Bundle | Beau Brummell For Men
  • For those hard-working guys, this Handsome Hands Bundle may be what he needs to keep his mits looking and feeling attractive. 
    In this gift-pack, he’ll get the Walnut Hand & Foot Scrub, which sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal a healthy complexion beneath. To keep his hands soft and well-hydrated, he’ll also have the Hand Repair Lotion - containing shea butter, activated charcoal, avocado oil, and more. 



    Wine Moments x Style Standard Treat Your Man Box
  • Men’s Gift Box | Wine Moments
  • Shopping for those hard-to-buy-for blokes quickly becomes a breeze with this Men’s Gift Box by Wine Moments. We partnered up with them to create a pack that includes an assortment of gifts that he’ll actually use and appreciate - including two spectacular wines, a leather money-clip wallet, and the Beau Brummell for Men Kaolin Face Mask

    With this gift box by his side, enjoying the smaller moments of his day becomes even easier. 



  • The Chuck, Asphalt | Curated Basics 
  • When it comes to hunting for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him, you can’t go wrong with a sleek, high-grade time-piece - and the Chuck by Curated Basics is a worthy choice. 

    This old-school piece has a clean, minimalistic face with a black powder-coated casing and a brown Italian leather strap. With a stainless steel frame and Japanese quartz movement, this wrist-watch will be easy for him to admire. 



  • Beard Brush & Comb Kit | Style Standard 
  • If his beard is looking a bit worse for wear, consider grabbing him this Beard Brush & Comb Kit - including everything he needs to get his whiskers in order.

    The pack features a wide-tooth comb for detangling hairs with a smaller-toothed side for precise styling, as well as a larger bristled brush for exfoliating and evenly spreading oils. To top it off, both brushes are packed within a convenient travel bag for on-the-go grooming. 



  • Thin Leather Wallet | New Bring 
  • Another great gift option that can do no wrong is the classic leather wallet - and what wallet is better than this black or navy blue leather bifold?

    It’s not only sleek and sharp, but it’ll secure all his important cards and notes in the most stylish way possible - what more could you ask for? 



    Junk Twilight Swim Shorts - Mazu Resortwear
  • Junk Twilight Swim Trunks | Mazu Resortwear
  • If you’ve got an upcoming beach-trip, you can’t go wrong with a set of Junk Twilight swimming trunks by Mazu Resortwear.  

    The Junk Twilight swimming trunks boast a satisfying design, with a deep blue hue beneath bright red fishing boats. The material is made from soft polyamide fabric, with handcrafted anklets and double needle stitching.

    It’s about time to put some junk on his junk. 



    City Heat by Derry Ainsworth for Derryography

  • Photography Prints | Derryography 
  • Is you man chasing some art-work to spruce up his home-office or to bring a bit of colour into the home? If so, these spectacular prints by Derry Ainsworth at Derryography are a great option. 

    With an amazing variety of prints to choose between, it couldn’t be easier to find the perfect photo to bring his space to life 



    Side By Side Kit - Side By Side
  • Side By Side Kit | Side By Side 
  • In this day and age, keeping track of our protective and sanitizing gear can be a challenge to say the least. If he needs one convenient place to store his sanitizer, face masks, alcohol wipes, and other essentials, this Side By Side Kit is the answer.

    With up to 5 colours to choose from, this travel-friendly kit is designed to store anything and everything he’ll need while out n’ about. This includes a face mask, sanitiser, pen, alcohol wipes, and more. 



    HM5 Studio Monitor Headphones - Brainwavz Audio
  • HM5 Studio Monitors | Brainwavz Audio
  • These HM5 Studio Monitor Headphones offer amazing sound-quality for an even better price - making them a perfect addition to any home studio. Unlike many other headphones, these headphones won’t ‘colour’ his music but instead offer a clean, precise and honest sound - perfect for those chasing accuracy. 

    The design features comfortable padding around the ears and headband, with extendable arms and pivoting cups for convenience. 



    Hario Coffee Drip Pot - Hazel & Hershey

  • Hario Coffee Drip Pot | Hazel and Hershey
  • If you find yourself shopping for a coffee-addict, look no further - this Hario Coffee Drip Pot is simply perfect! With this traditional brewing method, he can kick-start the day with a freshly brewed, full-flavoured cup. 

    The drip pot uses a slower, cotton flannel filter to maintain its rich taste and provide a kick of energy when he needs it most. 



    Onyx 'Swell Roamer Bottle - Thorn & Burrow
  • ‘Swell Roamer Bottle | Thorn and Burrow 
  • Lastly, to round out our picks for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him, we have this ‘Swell Roamer Bottle - because, who doesn’t need a reusable water bottle these days? 

    Whether he’s sipping on some tea or keeping up his water intake, this piece is faultless. It’s double walled, has a stainless steel design, is easy to fill, and elegant to carry. Before you know it, he’ll be taking this bottle with him everywhere!

    With these great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for guys, picking out a special gift for him on this special day couldn’t be easier.


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    Nicholas Hastie is a Brisbane-based writer/photographer, with a passion for anything and everything related to men's style and fashion. If he's not hunting for new additions to his EDC arsenal, you'll probably find him chasing those wild Aussie landscapes with his camera at the ready.

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