Beard Brush and Comb Kit

Elevate your grooming routine with the Style Standard Brush & Comb Kit. These essential tools are your ticket to achieving a perfectly groomed beard that exudes style and confidence. Say goodbye to unruly facial hair and hello to a polished, sophisticated look.

-Larger teeth effortlessly detangle your beard.
-Smaller teeth assist in precise styling.
-Designed to create a polished finish.

-Bristles exfoliate your skin gently.
-Evenly distribute oils for a smooth beard.
-Crafted from all-natural wood and boar bristles for minimal snags and static

How to Use: After applying beard oil, use the brush for exfoliation and oil distribution. Then, the comb's wide teeth detangle and structure, while the narrow teeth shape and finish. Keep your kit conditioned by using it with beard oil, and for cleaning, avoid water; use a small brush or compressed air to remove debris.


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Beard Brush and Comb Kit Style Standard | Style Standard
Beard Brush and Comb Kit