Beard Brush and Comb Kit


When you're sanding wood, you don't just use a single piece of sandpaper. Turns out, there are different 'grits' of sandpaper, which is just a fancy way of saying that different types of sandpaper have different sizes of abrasives. If you want to go from super rough to just kinda rough, you use a coarse grit with a small number. Want that super glass-like finish? You need something super fine with a high number rating.

Taking care of your beard can be kind of like that sometimes. You need different tools to do the right job, which is why we've got a Beard Brush and Comb Kit. The larger teeth on the comb glide through your beard and help detangle the hairs while the smaller teeth pull the last little bits apart and help you style your beard more carefully. The bristles on the brush help to exfoliate your skin and spread oils more evenly across your beard and face. Combined, the pair make sure your beard is smooth, stylish, and sexy; just like you.

Wood and Boar Bristle

Comb: 10.2cm x 5.7cm
Brush: 11.2cm x 6cm

After applying beard oil, use the brush to exfoliate your face and spread the oils evenly. Once you've brushed your beard out, use the wider teeth on the comb to detangle and structure, then follow up with the narrow tooth side to shape and finish.

We made sure to use all-natural wood and bristles to ensure that your beard is treated carefully and with the least amount of snags and static. Want to clean your brush and comb? Don't run them under water, just use a small brush or compressed air to remove the debris. Having beard oil on your hands while you brush and comb will help condition the wood as well, making sure it lasts you for years to come.