Keeping up with the ever-shifting fashion trends can be exhausting, but with a variable closet packed with the men’s wardrobe essentials - you won’t have to. After all, certain outfits will always be in style, whether it’s a white button-up shirt, basic tee, or dark denim jeans. 

Of course, everyone’s opinion on what is and isn’t an essential will differ depending on individual styles and needs - though there are a few all-purpose items that you can use to lay-down the foundation of your wardrobe. 

Are you ready to take your style to the next level? Here are 12 men’s wardrobe essentials that every man should own. 

Basic Tees 

Let’s start it off nice and simple with an assortment of basic t-shirts. 

Why are these simple shirts a men’s wardrobe essential? What do they bring to the table? First things first, they’re extremely versatile - meaning that you can mix and match them with different outfits to find the perfect look. Not to mention, they’re extremely affordable and you can rely on them every day. What’s not to love?

A basic white tee is a must-have, though some other essential colors include grey, navy blue, and black.

Navy Suit 

Whether you’ve got a job interview or special occasion on the horizon - it pays to have a full suit on-hand. And though there are plenty of colors to choose between, navy blue is a popular option that’s also very versatile. 

Before you head to your local tailor, click here to check out our ultimate guide to buying your first suit.

Man in navy blue jacket and Repp Tie holding glass staring into the distance with a lit lamp and map of Hong Kong behind him

These colors are going to work on pretty much everyone. It's actually kind of wild how versatile this color is.
It's one of our boldest ties and a great choice if you want to throw some power into your look. Check it out here.

Suit Accessories 

Once you’ve got the suit covered, it’s time to deck-it-out with a few accessories. These won’t only help you to customize your look, but accessories like tie clips, cufflinks, and lapel pins can take your outfit to a whole new level of style. 

Accessories like this Brushed Steel Tie Clip can add another layer of style to your suit while serving an important function: keeping your tie on your shirt and out of your meal. 


Whether you’re in the office or at a wedding, a necktie can...well… tie your whole outfit together (no pun intended). They can create a slimming effect while providing a burst of color to your ensemble. 

This Red Pindot Tie matches well with a navy suit and plain white shirt, with the contrasting white-spotted pattern providing a simple degree of texture that’s easy to admire. 

Maroon tie with white pindot pattern on a white background

We love all of our ties equally, but gun to our head? This is our favorite.
It's just so smooth and classy.

Dress Shoes

When you’re throwing on a button-up shirt and a nice suit for a special event, you’re going to want to have some matching dress shoes close by to complete the outfit. 

If your wardrobe largely consists of darker colors, steer towards a classic black leather shoe. Though for a navy, red, or even grey colored suit, brown dress shoes won’t disappoint. 

Casual Sneakers 

Hitting the town or meeting up with a few friends? For a casual outing, reach for a pair of casual sneakers. They’re another great, versatile addition to your wardrobe - pairing well with denim or chinos. There are a number of popular choices, but you'll never go wrong with a pair of plain white leather sneakers like the Addidas Stan Smith or Nike's Air Force 1. Want to upgrade from there? Try out some Common Projects Achilles or Bball low for similar styles at a higher price point.

White Button Dress Shirt 

When it comes to finding versatile clothing, there’s nothing quite like a white, buttoned dress shirt. They can be styled for a formal event or casual outing, and are easy to match with other clothes - whether it’s a suit and tie or shorts and flip-flops.

If you’re looking for some men’s wardrobe essentials for your closet, it's worth adding one or two white button-down shirts to your list. 


They prove to be handy when your smart-phone runs out of charge, though a wrist-watch can do much more than just tell the time.

They’re a functional yet simple accessory that men can use to kick their outfit up a notch. After all, the number of jewelry items available to men is typically limited - so why not take advantage of what’s available?

Buying a wristwatch doesn’t have to break the bank. Take ‘The Chuck’ timepiece by Curated Basics for example. This watch is only $95, with a minimalistic face, contemporary design, a brown Italian leather strap, and a black powder-coated casing. 

Angled Closeup of The Chuck timepiece, a black watch on a brown leather strap over a white backgroundSomeone once convinced their boyfriend to buy one of these in front of us by explaining how sleek and sexy he'd look with it.
We couldn't argue.

Quality Underwear 

Though it may not be at the front of your mind while you’re upgrading your wardrobe, there’s more than one reason why men should make the switch to higher-quality underwear. 

Not only are they often much more breathable and durable than those cheap 3-packs, but they can also provide much more support and offer another level of comfort. What’s not to love? 


While you’re off buying some better underwear, pick up some more socks and ditch those old, wore-out pairs. Keep an eye out for fabric such as bamboo - as they have a much softer feel. Plus, they absorb any moisture with ease and are naturally antibacterial. 


Whether you’re dressing them up or down, you can’t go wrong with a quality pair of jeans. Plus, it’s simple to find a style to suit anyone - ranging from skinny and skim to straight and bootcut fits. 

Leather Wallet 

A high-grade wallet is a necessity for everyone, helping to keep your money and cards organized in one convenient place. And if you’re on the hunt for one that will last the long haul, you can go wrong with a leather wallet. They’re durable, stylish, and perfect for any occasion. 

This Leather Money Clip Wallet is the essential money-carrying device every man needs - combing a spring money clip and a classy bifold.

The Leather Money Clip Wallet, opened and showing the insideI've been using this one for years now and it's aged beautifully without even a hint of any kind of issue.
I'm honestly a little amazed.


We've got all sorts of great essentials for you or the guy in your life. As always, if you’ve got any questions, comments, insights, or just want to chat, you can always reach out at or through our social media pages. I’m always around, even if it takes me a few hours to respond.

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