Are you wondering how to shave better? We’ve put together a list of 12 essential shaving tips for men to help take your shave to the next level. 

Ranging from shaving brushes to post-shave balms, these shaving tips for men can help upgrade your routine - whether it’s by reducing skin irritation, improving your razor’s efficiency, or extending the lifespan of your blades. 

Let’s get into it - here’s how you can shave better in 12 easy steps. 

Shower Comes First

Good things come to those who wait - and a quality shave is no exception. Before you even pick up the razor, consider taking some time to properly prepare your skin - starting with a shower. 

Just by choosing to shave after your shower, your skin and facial hair will be much softer and in a prime condition for a close shave. 


Though the shower is only half of it - while you’re in there, be sure to exfoliate the skin and slog away any dead skin cells on your face 

Otherwise, the dirt and dead skin can clog the razor which can make it less effective.  

If you want to achieve a closer shave, consider exfoliating first. If you're looking for a great way to exfoliate your face, check out Beau Brummell for Men's Facial Scrub. It's got a great blend of caffeine, lavender, menthol, and peppermint oils to rejuvenate your skin and comes with crushed walnut shells to exfoliate your skin without microplastics.

Man with Tattoos in Shower Holding Facial Scrub Bottle | Style StandardIt's not going to make you look like this guy,
but it's still going to be good for your skin

Don’t Forget Shaving Cream

If you’re looking for ways to make shaving with a razor all the easier, then shaving cream is a must-have. 

Shaving cream helps to keep your facial hair well-moisturized and soft, making them easier to cut. On top of this, the cream can minimize friction between the razor and your skin to reduce your chances of skin irritation. 

When you’re choosing a shaving cream, aim for a product packed with natural ingredients to nourish and support your skin health. This shaving cream by Beau Brummell for Men is perfect - containing a blend of argan and sandalwood oils to reduce skin irritation and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. 

Use A Shaving Brush 

What goes hand in hand with shaving cream? A quality shaving brush of course. 

A shaving brush makes it much easier to apply a shaving cream properly - whipping together a quality lather that you simply can’t do by hand. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality shaving brush, check out this shaving brush by Beau Brummell for Men - made from 100% badger hair. 

Applying shaving cream with a brush is easy. Start by soaking the bristles in warm water to soften them. Then, apply the cream onto the middle of the brush and lather your cheeks, neck, and chin with short, circular motions. From here, you’re ready to start shaving. 

Man in Shower Lathering Face with Shaving Brush and Shaving Cream | Style StandardFor what it's worth, you should probably do this after you shower,
otherwise, it's just going to wash away the shaving cream.

Less Is More 

Pressing on the blades excessively can cause the skin to become uneven - making it harder to cut through the facial hair consistently. Plus, this habit can also increase the likelihood of cuts and irritation. 

So, what’s the moral of the story? When it comes to shaving with a razor, it pays to have a lighter touch. 

Ditch Blunt Blades 

If you do find yourself pushing the razor against your skin, it may be because the blades have gone dull. 

To avoid the irritation that comes with using a dull razor, make sure you’re replacing the blades regularly - after 5 or so shaves.  

Go With The Grain

A common tip most of us have heard time and time again is to always shave with the grain - but what does this mean? It means that you should be moving the razor in the same direction that your facial hair grows. Going with the grain is the best way to avoid skin irritation. 

You can easily find out the direction of hair growth by running your fingers along your cheeks - if you feel any resistance, that direction is against the grain. 

Avoid Dry Shaving 

Dry shaving with a razor is a big no-no. Without a shaving cream to soften your skin and facial hair, dry shaving can cause a fair deal of friction between the skin and your razor. The result? Skin irritation, razor burn, bumps, and an uneven shave. To put it simply, it’s a recipe for disaster. 

Man in Towel Using A Straight Razor to Shave in Mirror | Style StandardWant to avoid leaving your brush in your shaving cream? Of course, you do.
Good news, we have a shaving brush stand!

Missed A Spot? Re-lather 

I know, it can be frustrating when you finish off a shave and you suddenly realize you’ve missed a spot on your chin or neck. Though instead of quickly running over it with your razor, take the time to re-lather your face - don’t use it as an excuse to dry shave. 

By re-lathering the area with shaving cream, you can make sure you’re getting a nice, even shave - minus the razor burn. 

Finish With A Post Shave Balm

Aftershave is a popular product that men will often use to round out their shaving routine. Although aftershaves can offer antiseptic properties to treat cuts from getting infected, products with alcohol can often irritate the skin. 

Particularly if you have sensitive skin, consider switching to a post-shave balm. Not only can they promote the healing of nicks and cuts, but they can also calm the skin and provide a kick of hydration when you need it most. 

Clean And Dry The Blades

Cleaning your blades is common knowledge, though properly drying them is just as important. Otherwise, the razors can oxidize - causing them to go dull. 

If you want to extend the lifespan of your blades, remember to wash and dry them after each use. 

Don’t Rush The Process

Shaving can be a very luxurious and relaxing experience, especially if you’re using high-grade materials - so why rush through the process? If you’re going to shave, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get the job done right. 

With these 12 essential shaving tips for men, you’ll be achieving a closer, flawless shave in no time.

Want to pick up the shaving items we've mentioned in this article? You can add them to your cart through the buttons below. Once you've got shaving down, we've got a lot of great grooming options for your next steps from masks and moisturizers to pomades and powders. As always, if you’ve got any questions, comments, insights, or just want to chat, you can always reach out at or through our social media pages. I’m always around, even if it takes me a few hours to respond.

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