When it comes to maintaining our hair, skin, beard, or all of the above, there are just some grooming essentials that men can’t afford to miss. Though with the men’s self-grooming industry forever expanding, understanding what products you actually need may seem confusing. 

Don’t start sweating just yet, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a men’s grooming kit list to leave you with a groomed beard, flawless skin, and perfect hair. 

Without further ado, here are 16 grooming essentials every man should have in 2020. 

Beard Oil 
If you’re on the beard-growing journey, one of the best allies you can put in your corner is a quality beard oil. After all, they can contribute a range of worthy benefits to your whiskers - helping to soften, moisturise, and cleanse the hair while nourishing the neglected skin beneath. Not to mention, they smell great! 


This Cedarwood Beard Oil Conditioner is perfect, helping to nourish any type of beard while leaving behind a welcomed woodsy aroma. The great thing about the cedarwood in this oil is that it’s antiseptic and can help reduce flakes and itchiness under your beard.

Cedarwood Beard Oil Dripping Into The Bottle

Eye Cream

Since the skin under our eyes is much thinner than other areas on the face, it’s often prone to fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles. Though by using eye cream, you can actually help fight off these effects by locking in moisture under the eyes while feeding the skin various essential nutrients. 

Electric Razor 
If you’re compiling a men’s grooming kit list for yourself, a quality electric razor should be towards the top. With the wide range of models and features out there, buying a razor to suit your specific needs is easy. 

As they say, knowledge is power. Do your research and figure out which features are going to match your daily demands, and consider investing in a product that you’re going to enjoy using. 

Face Mask
Face masks can do wonders - helping to get rid of all the ‘bad stuff’ from your skin while encouraging a smoother and tighter complexion in the process. That’s a pretty decent trade.

All you have to do is spread an even layer of the mask across your face (minus the eyes) and let it do its thing for 10-12 minutes or so. Rinse with warm water and apply some moisturiser to finish. Simple!

Check out this Charcoal Face Mask - including a combination of kaolin-rich clay and activated charcoal that your skin will love.

Charcoal Face Mask with the lid off

Nose Hair Trimmer 
It may not be the most glamorous self-grooming tool, but it is a necessity. When your nose hairs start to become visible, the time has come to invest in your very own nose hair trimmer. 

Clean up nose hairs that can be seen - though be sure not to go overboard, since nose hairs are important for stopping harmful particles from entering the body. 

Face Wash 
As your day goes on, you’d be surprised just how much dirt, oil, and bacteria can sneak onto your face. That’s why face wash should be one of the most important elements of any daily skincare routine.

By giving your face a thorough clean at least once a day, you can say goodbye to those pesky impurities and leave your money-maker looking fresh. 

This Deep Cleansing Charcoal Face Wash by Beau Brummell for Men is naturally scented with an uplifting combination of bergamot and spearmint essentials oils - there’s no better way to start the day. 

Charcoal Face Wash being squeezed into a hand

Lip Balm
Especially during the chilling winter months, it pays to keep a moisturizing lip balm close by - because when push comes to shove, nobody likes having dry or cracked lips, right? 

Face Scrub
Particularly if you’re prone to clogged pores and breakouts, a face scrub may prove to be a worthy addition to your men’s grooming kit list

Face scrubs work by slogging away the dead skin cells that build-up on the skin’s surface, revealing a softer and brighter complexion. Removing this layer of dead skin cells can also stop pores from clogging, which would otherwise lead to acne. 

This rejuvenating Beau Brummell for Men Face Scrub contains caffeine, lavender, menthol, and peppermint oils and only needs to be used once a week. It’s also plastic free, which means no micro-plastics getting into your local waterway.

Shaving Cream 
If you’re looking for ways to step up your shaving-game, a proper cream is a must-have. Not only does shaving cream make the process much more comfortable by preventing conditions like razor burn, but it can also help you to achieve a closer shave. It’s a win-win.

This Beau Brummell for Men Shaving Cream provides a whipped, moisturising lather to accompany your shave, containing argan and sandalwood oils to reduce any skin irritation. 

Shaving Cream and Brush on a navy blue towel and wooden background

Shaving Brush
A high-grade brush is a simple addition to your shaving routine, yet it makes all the difference. 

Keep your hands clean by using a brush to apply that shaving cream - such as this Beau Brummell for Men Brush with 100% badger hair. Using a shaving brush can help soften and lift your facial hair off your face and lather up your shaving cream better.

Post Shave Balm
Following a shave, you may feel like your skin needs a little something to help soothe it - and that’s where a post shave balm comes in handy. Not only does the product typically smell good, but it can also calm the skin if it’s feeling a bit raw while adding a kick of hydration in the process.

Face Moisturiser
With the platter of benefits it provides, it’s no wonder that face moisturiser is a well-known staple of many skin care regimes.

Moisturisers, such as this Matte Finish Facial Moisturiser, can kick your skin health up a notch by locking in moisture, protecting the skin from harmful UV rays, and encouraging a softer complexion. 

Facial Moisturizer on a plain white background

Pocket Comb
A quick and easy solution for keeping those pesky loose hairs in line. Grab a folder like this CT7 Flip Comb by Uppercut Deluxe and tuck it into your pocket, backpack, or dopp kit to make sure you’ve always got one with you.

CT7 Flip Comb in opened position

Hand Lotion
Now that your face is all sorted, it’s time to take care of those hands.

We rely on our hands every day, so it can be annoying to deal with cracked skin and dryness. That’s where hand lotion comes in, soothing our paws by conditioning and moisturising the skin. 

This Hand Repair Lotion takes it to the next level, containing activated charcoal to absorb toxins while the shea butter, avocado oil, and glycerin work to naturally moisturise. Plus, the fact that this mixture is non-greasy is a nice touch. 

A simple spritz of cologne on your neck or chest can be a great way to round out your grooming routine.

Dopp Kit 
While you’re off gallivanting around the world, you’ll need somewhere to put all of your self-grooming essentials

High-grade products deserve a worthy home. Take this Striped Canvas Dopp Kit for example - made from a durable 16oz canvas with waterproof inner lining and brass zipper. Perfect for any occasion and sure to impress anyone you invite back to your hotel room.

Striped Canvas Dopp Kit in a Navy and White stripe


Want to pick up a thing or two? You can scroll through the whole collection here or go to the Men's Grooming collection page to check it out in more detail. As always, if you have more questions or want to chat about the products we've mentioned here, feel free to reach out to us here.

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