CT7 Flip Comb


Combing convenience at its finest, the fold-away CT7 Flip Comb makes grooming on the go easy. The traditional pocket-size flip comb to work and rework your style all day long. The fold-away teeth make this the perfect travel accessory. Grooming on the go was never easier.

Use with your favorite Uppercut Deluxe styling product to create your desired style. The high-quality plant cellulose acetate ensures the combs long-lasting flexibility in all styling conditions. If possible, rinse off the comb before closing it up.

Made from a Plant Cellulose Acetate (a non-petroelum based plastic) this comb is extremely durable and long-lasting.

L: 193 mm W: 26 mm
L: 110 mm W: 27mm
Gold foil logo and model number

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CT7 Flip Comb Grooming Uppercut Deluxe | Style Standard
CT7 Flip Comb