Success. Many of us want it, but often don’t know how to reach it. Though what we don’t realise is that our own habits and how we choose to spend our time can directly influence how far we get ahead in life.

After all, success isn’t a blend of randomness with a stroke of luck - it’s quite deliberate, created with hard work, dedication, and a few common habits of successful people. 

If you’re looking for ways to take your daily routine to the next level, try adopting these 8 essential habits of successful people into your own lifestyle. 

Wake Up Early

For those wondering how to be more productive, it all starts with waking up early.

This simple habit gifts you with extra time in your day to get more done. You’re free to exercise, read, plan your goals for the day, or work on a side hustle. 

With this extra few hours each day, you’ll have more time and more control of how you choose to spend it. 

Get Up Straight Away

Waking up early is one thing, though getting out of bed on time is a whole other game. Without realising it, many of us can spend a long time on our phones before getting up. And if you’re spending too much time checking social media or watching videos, waking up early quickly becomes redundant.

If you find yourself in this pattern, there are plenty of ways to nip this habit in the bud. For example, you could try storing your phone in a location where you can’t reach it as soon as you wake up. 

Also, instead of setting an alarm on your phone, consider buying an alarm clock - that way you’re not as tempted to start scrolling. 

Man with face under running sink in half darkness | Style StandardI've actually found that getting cold water on my face really kick starts my system on the really tough days.

Network With Like-Minded People 

When it comes to establishing some habits of successful people in your own routine, be sure to include networking. 

The process is often viewed as uncomfortable and awkward, though it can deliver a wide range of professional benefits. You’ll be able to further your career development, stay up to date with any trends in the industry, and expose yourself to potential partners, investors, clients, and more. 

As they say, anything worth having doesn’t come easy - that being said, there are a few ways to make the process easier. For example, some easy things you could do is to ask simple questions, put on a friendly face, and give other people the chance to speak. 


There’s more than one reason to practice meditation daily. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety while improving your attention span and concentration power - helping to enhance your productivity in the process. 

Anyone just getting started with meditation can begin with as little as 5 to 10 minutes each day.

Man meditating on the floor (Torso down) | Style StandardHave trouble concentrating? I like using Binaural Beats to help focus my mind. Try Beatify, they're my favorite app.

Work Out Every Day 

Exercise should be considered a daily essential - after all, it not only keeps us fit and healthy, but it can also give you more energy and provide your mind with a sense of clarity.

If you’re struggling to wake up early in the morning, try kicking the day off with a quick work-out. It can help you to feel energised and in a better mood, overall helping you to start the day on a good note. 

Make A To-Do List 

Tackling your day with a set-out plan can make your tasks much more manageable and help you to achieve your goals in the long term - and a to-do list is your secret weapon. 

Whether it’s the night before or first thing in the morning, be sure to spend some time organizing your day to help you stay focused and organised on each task.

Read More 

It’s no bombshell that many of the most successful people spend time reading each day - typically in the pursuit of education and development. 

With as little as 30 minutes of reading each day, you can put yourself on the path of self-improvement - both personally and professionally. So, what type of books should you be reading? You can’t go wrong with self-help books, business tales, and biographies. 

If that’s not enough reason, reading can also do wonders for our wellbeing, helping to exercise our mind and reducing the odds of cognitive diseases. 

Black man with beard and glasses reading a hardcover red book | Style StandardJust getting into reading? Don't start with the 'classics that everyone reads' if you're not a big reader. Start easy with something you're going to find interesting, whether it's an action thriller or a comedy.

Get Enough Sleep 

Waking up early is one of the most important habits of successful people, though so is getting a good night’s sleep. 

A lack of sleep can contribute to several health conditions, though it can also impact how productive you are. To function at your very best, your body needs around 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. 

Don't Stress About It Too Much

One of the biggest ways to paralyze yourself when it comes to success is to worry too much about the big picture. As the old saying goes, you eat an elephant one bite at a time, so just focus on the bites and soon enough, you'll have eaten your elephant. Take care of your daily tasks, focus on growth, and you'll find yourself moving down the right path.

About The Author

Nicholas Hastie is a Brisbane-based writer/photographer, with a passion for anything and everything related to men's style and fashion. If he's not hunting for new additions to his EDC arsenal, you'll probably find him chasing those wild Aussie landscapes with his camera at the ready.

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