Learning how to put on cufflinks is one of those skills every gentleman should know - especially since it’s very easy to get wrong. 

After all, a set of cufflinks can do wonders for your ensemble - helping to keep your cuffs looking neat while rounding-out your suit and providing a touch of personality. With all this on offer, this accessory deserves to be worn right. 

Don’t worry, wearing cufflinks isn’t rocket science - we’re here to guide you through the process. Learn how to put on cufflinks properly with these 4 quick steps below! 

Man in Light Grey Suit Fixing Cufflink on White Shirt | Style Standard

What Are Cufflinks?
Let’s kick things off by covering the basics - what exactly are cufflinks?

Cufflinks are a popular suit accessory, primarily used to fasten the cuffs of a dress shirt into place. They’re typically made from a metal alloy material for a polished, stainless steel appearance - that being said, they can also be made from glass, silk, stone, and leather. 

For securing the cuffs, there are plenty of different styles of cufflinks to choose between - though some popular options include bullet back, whale back, chain link, and silk knots. 

How To Put On Cufflinks In 4 Quick Steps 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into the good stuff. Here’s our step-by step guide for putting on cufflinks properly. 

1. Wear The Right Shirt. Before putting on a pair of cufflinks, it’s important to be wearing the right type of shirt. Most commonly cufflinks are worn on dress shirts with french cuffs (otherwise known as double cuffs). These are essential longer cuffs that fold back onto themselves to create layers.

French cuffs don’t have buttons, but instead a set of small holes where cufflinks are inserted to secure the layers. 
2. Fold The Cuffs Back. Once your dress shirt is ready to go, start by folding the cuff material back onto itself. The first step of putting on cufflinks is to ensure that the cuff’s edge closest to your hand forms a clean, even line. 
    Man's hands in white shirt helping to adjust cufflink on another man in white tuxedo shirt | Style Standard
    3. Align The Cuffs. After folding the cuffs back, it’s time to align the small cufflink holes. Pinch the open sides of the cuffs and press them together to create a flat layer. 
    4. Insert And Secure The Cufflinks. If the holes are even and in-line, fastening the cufflinks will be as simple as inserting it through both holes and locking it into place. 

    That being said, the way you’d typically secure a set of cufflinks will differ between the different types and designs. For example, fastening a bullet back or fixed back cufflink will entail very different procedures. Don’t worry, we’ve detailed these popular styles below! 

    4 Different Types Of Cufflinks 

    When it comes to cufflinks, there are a wide range of different types and styles on offer. We’re going to discuss 4 popular styles of cufflinks and how to wear them properly. 

    Four Different Types of Cufflink Backs | Style Standard

  1. Fixed Back
  2. As the name suggests, fixed-back cufflinks are characterised by their rigid design - there are no moving or twisting parts in these cufflink styles. Because of this, they can be a bit harder to put on. 

    They’re worn by maneuvering the rear of the cufflink through the top, then bottom holes on the cuff - in the same motion as you’d move a button through. 

  3. Bullet Back
  4. One of the most popular cufflink styles is the bullet-back, particularly because they’re so easy to use. The design features a cylinder-shaped capsule that is hinged to two posts attached to the actual cufflink. 

    When the capsule faces downward, it seamlessly flows through the two small holes on the cuff. Then, it can be rotated 90° to secure the cufflink in place. 

  5. Whale Back
  6. The bullet-back and whale-back cufflink are very similar - though instead of a cylinder post, this design has a signature, flat ‘whale-tail’ backing. 

    To insert this piece through the cuff, the whale-tail flips back to be flush with its posts. Then, it can be easily guided through the cuff’s holes before being flipped back to lock in place.  

  7. Chain Style 
  8. Lastly, we have the chain-styled cufflink - a traditional style of this accessory that features a small chain linking the ends together. 

    This style may take a bit of practice to get right. Push the back off the cufflink through the top hole before bringing the other end up and using the same motion to guide it through the bottom cufflink hole. 

    The Best Cufflinks To Try For Yourself 

    Knowing how to put on cufflinks properly is one thing, though finding a stylish set is a whole other challenge. We’ve made things a bit easier by listing our favourite cufflinks below - take a look!

  9. Gunmetal Knot Cufflinks 
  10. First up, we have these Gunmetal Knot Cufflinks - the perfect blend between casual and the classic silk knot. Made from 100% gunmetal steel, the set’s darker shade is great for subtly adding a sense of class and style to your ensemble without stealing the show.

    These cufflinks also prove to be a versatile option, styling well with an assortment of combinations.

  11. Stainless Steel Rectangle Cufflinks 
  12. These Stainless Steel Rectangle Cufflinks are another stylish choice. With their clean, simple aesthetic, these cufflinks are designed to suit any outfit - whether you’re dressing for semi-casual or formal. 

    Since they’ll work with almost any combination, these cufflinks will quickly become the most versatile accessory in your wardrobe.

    Are you on the hunt for more styling tips? Check out one of our recent posts: ‘12 Men’s Wardrobe Essentials That Every Man Should Have’. 

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