These days, every gentleman should understand the benefits of using a safety razor over disposable cartridges. After all, these traditional tools can offer a much superior shave when they’re properly used - helping guys to reduce skin irritation and get a closer cut. Not to mention, they offer more bang for your buck! 

Are you eager to get started with a safety razor? For guys looking to take their shaving game to the next level, we’ve listed the benefits of using a safety razor below - take a look! 

What Is A Safety Razor?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s cover the basics - what is a safety razor?

Invented in the 1900s, safety razors were initially designed to be much easier for everyday gentlemen to use - reducing their dependency on professional barbers for clean shaves. 

Over the years, they have evolved into many different styles - ranging from double-edged, single-edge, two-piece, three-piece, and more. With the many advantages of switching to a safety razor, it’s no surprise these traditional shaving tools are once again on the rise.

The Benefits Of Using A Safety Razor

So, what are the benefits of using a safety razor? Whether it’s to get a closer shave, reduce skin irritation, or save money - here are 4 reasons why you should try using a safety razor.

  • A Closer Shave 
  • One of the key benefits that often draws guys to using a safety razor is the closer shave that it can offer. 

    Because the blade of the safety razor sits closer to your skin, using these traditional shaving tools can yield a much closer shave. Though a bit more skill and practice is required, the results speak for themselves. 

  • Save Money 
  • Shaving with disposable/ cartridge razors may seem like the economical choice at first - though, over the long run, safety razors will provide more bang for your buck. 

    The cost to replace cartridge razors can really add up over time - often exceeding the amount you’d pay for a metal safety razor and the accompanying blades. Though safety razors may have an intimidating up-front cost, these pieces will be with you for the long haul and are much cheaper to maintain. 

  • Eco-Friendly 
  • Not only are safety razors much kinder to our wallets, but they’re also an eco-friendly alternative to disposable razors. After all, we’re well aware of how bad plastic is for the planet. 

    There’s much less waste involved with using a safety razor - the razors are often made from a stainless steel frame which can last for years. The only feature that needs regular replacing is the singular blades - which are made of metal and can be recycled. 

  • Reduce Razor Burn 
  • Lastly, shaving with a safety razor can reduce the risk of skin irritations, like razor burn. 

    Clogged razors and blunt blades are a core trigger for razor burn - and since cartridges can become clogged very easily with shaving cream and facial hair, they can be a regular culprit. 

    Though razor burn is still possible with safety razors, it’s much easier to avoid. This is because there’s only 1 sharp blade moving across your facial hair, which is easier to maintain and manage compared to 5 blades in a cartridge. 

    Because of this, it’s much easier to check for dull or clogged blades, reducing your chances of razor burn. 

    How To Use A Safety Razor 

    Are you ready to get started with a safety razor? Below, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide to ease you through the process - check it out! 

  • Insert The Blade 
  • Getting started with a safety razor is as easy as putting the blade correctly into the unit - sounds simple enough, right?

    That being said, the specific means of positioning the blades will depend on the type of razor you’re working with. For example, disassembling a 3-piece safety razor to insert the blade will be a completely different process compared to blokes working with a 1-piece razor. 

    Before using your safety razor, it may be worth taking the time to research the specific model and how it works before inserting the blade. 

  • Lather-Up With Shaving Cream 
  • Regardless of the type of razor you’re using, shaving cream is a must-have. It works to create a protective layer between your skin and the razor, helping to reduce friction and prevent irritation for a comfortable shave.  

    This Beau Brummell Shaving Cream is a worthy shaving companion. The formula contains an assortment of natural ingredients to hydrate and soothe the skin to provide a smoother shave. For a rich, dense lather, use a shaving brush to apply the cream. Try this deluxe 100% badger hair shaving brush, with rugged, yet soft bristles to help exfoliate and create a generous lather. 

  • Get The Right Angle
  • When learning how to use a safety razor, you’ll quickly realise that mastering the correct angles can be a challenge at first. As the name suggests, the safety razor features a safety cap to stop unexpected shaving cuts. 

    Though, when the razor is tilted at a 30-degree angle against the skin, the blade is revealed to allow the unit to effectively cut through the stubble. Maintaining this angle during a shave can be difficult, though, with regular practice, you’ll be nailing this traditional shaving style in no time at all. 

  • Practice The Technique 
  • Shaving with a safety razor takes time to master - for the best results, it’s important to nail the technique while avoiding those common shaving mistakes. 

    Once you’ve got the angle right, start by using short strokes - about 1 cm to 3 cm is the perfect length. 

    As you’re shaving, don’t put too much pressure behind the blades. These safety razors are weighted for a reason - a lighter touch allows the razor to do all the hard work and will reduce your chances of a nasty shaving cut. 

    Lastly, don’t forget that golden rule - make sure you’re moving the razor with the grain. Going in the opposite direction of hair growth is a recipe for skin irritation. 

  • Look After Your Razor
  • Properly caring for your safety razor is essential if you want it to last. This means taking the time to dry your razor post-shave and storing it in a clean space - away from any moisture. 

    Once you’ve finished using the safety razor, carefully remove the blades. From here, all you need to do is rinse the blade and razor beneath the sink to remove any shaving cream - followed by a thorough dry. These quick, easy steps will extend the life of your safety razor, helping you to get more use from it. 

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