These days, creating a daily men’s grooming checklist is essential for most men to do, and for good reason. 

A simple, yet quick grooming routine can bring about an assortment of benefits - whether it’s to nourish your hair, skin, and whiskers, improve your presentation at work, or supply a cheeky boost of confidence. Though the best part? It’s not hard to set up your own grooming regime - with the right know-how and products by your side, the process couldn’t be easier. 

Ready to supercharge your morning routine? Keep reading to check out our ultimate men’s grooming checklist - simple enough for any man to follow. 

The Importance Of A Men’s Grooming Checklist

  • Good First Impression.
  • When we’re well-groomed and looking our best, it’s easier for us to make a good first impression - whether we’re meeting new people in a social or professional setting. After all, first impressions often stick - boost your chances of a pleasant interaction by making sure you’re well-groomed. 
    • Boost Your Confidence.
    • Brushing your hair, shaving properly, or taking care of your skin may seem like trivial, if not mundane chores of the day - but taking the time to look your best can actually boost your self-confidence. With an appealing hairstyle and a fresh-feeling face, you can improve your appearance and make sure you’re feeling your best when you step out the door in the morning. 

        Men’s Grooming Checklist For The Morning 

      • Cold Shower
      • Though it may not sound too appealing at first, there’s plenty of reasons to start your morning with a cold shower. After all, the process can be very nourishing and soothing to your hair, skin, and muscles. 

        Though above all this, one of the key benefits of a cold shower is that it can make you feel much more alert in the morning - helping to kickstart a day full of productivity. 

        If you’re struggling with cold showers, try easing into it. Start the process off with lukewarm water and decrease the temperature over time. 

      • Exfoliate 
      • While you’re in the shower, be sure to take a moment to exfoliate your skin.

        The process clears away the dirt and dead skin cells that accumulate over your face - revealing a brighter, even skin tone beneath. Sloughing away this layer can unclog your pores, reduce breakouts, and help your other skincare products work much more effectively. 

        If you’re chasing an exfoliator, take a look at this Face Scrub by Beau Brummel for Men - containing gentle crushed walnuts to help slough away dead cells. It’s also infused with caffeine, lavender, wild mint, chamomile, Vitamin E, and cedar wood oils to rejuvenate the skin. 

        All you need to do is gently massage the scrub onto your wet skin and rinse with water. 

      • Brush Your Teeth 
      • After jumping out of the shower, keep your mouth looking and feeling healthy by taking 2 minutes to brush your teeth

        Brushing in the morning will remove any bacteria built-up overnight and will prepare your mouth for the various meals of the day.  

      • Shave 
      • Unless you’re in the process of growing out your facial hair, it’s important to stay on top of your shaving routine - particularly if your workplace isn’t beard-friendly. 

        The best time to shave is after a lukewarm shower when the skin’s pores are open and the facial hair is softer. Start by using a shaving brush to create a rich lather over your cheeks, chin, and neck. Gently run your razor along the skin, moving with the grain, to reduce resistance and irritation. Finish off with an aftershave balm to treat any cuts, soothe the area, and hydrate the skin. 

        For a closer, cleaner shave, try this Elite Shaving Bundle by Beau Brummel for Men. The pack contains the popular Shave Cream, offering a whipped, generous lather for a smoother shaving experience - minus any irritation. To create this lather, the bundle also includes a shaving brush made from 100% badger hair - with soft, yet firm bristles to exfoliate stubborn facial hair and a heat retaining marble shaving bowl to warm your shaving cream and make the lathering process even easier to create a luxurious shaving experience. 

      • Moisturise 
      • Whether it’s to promote youthfulness, soothe the skin after a shave, or to tame dry skin - there’s more than one reason to add a moisturiser into your daily grooming routine. 

        Especially for the summer months, opt for a lighter blend with a protective UV element. When applying, all you need is a pea-sized amount. After warming the moisturiser in your hands, massage it into your cheeks, forehead, nose, and neck with gentle, circular motions. 

        If you’re looking for a lightweight facial moisturiser, consider this Facial Moisturiser by Beau Brummell for Men. The blend is infused with argan oil, activated charcoal, and caffeine to promote softness, draw-out toxins, and energise the skin. 

      • Hair Styling 
      • Now that your skin is taken care of, it’s time to focus on your hair. 

        To get started, all you need is a pea-sized amount of your preferred styling product - whether it’s a clay, balm, pomade, paste, or anything in between. Warm the product between your hands by rubbing them together. Then, work the product into your hair, moving forward from the back. Finish with a comb to shape your hair into your preferred style. 

        This Deluxe Pomade by Uppercut is a versatile styling product, perfect for a variety of hair lengths and types. The water-soluble blend offers a strong hold with a high shine to help you create timeless hairstyles - including side-parts, slick backs, or pompadours. 

      • Deodorant
      • Particularly if you’re expecting a busy day, it’s worth taking the time to apply a deodorant or antiperspirant. After all, a quick spritz will keep you from sweating through your clothes through those hotter months and will leave you smelling fresh all day long. 

        After showering, grab your stick deodorant and apply two strokes to your dry underarms - starting in the center and working toward the edges. 

      • Final Checks
      • Once you’ve taken care of your skin, hair, and natural scent, it’s time to do a quick round of final checks. 

        Are your fingernails clipped back? Do you have any visible hanging nose hairs? Did you miss any patches while shaving? These steps may sound insignificant, but this attention to detail will improve your appearance and presentation for those important occasions in life. 

        Are you ready to start building your daily grooming routine? First, be sure to check out our previous post: ‘16 Grooming Essentials Every Man Should Own In 2020.’

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