Are you on the hunt for the best secret Santa gifts for guys? Shopping for those hard-to-buy-for men in our lives can be nothing short of stressful. Though rather than throwing in the towel and buying a boring deodorant pack or a set of socks, why not aim for a gift that’s sure to leave him surprised and delighted. 

Don’t worry, it’s easier than it seems. We’ve put together our picks for the best secret Santa gifts for guys - all of which are under $65. Whether you're looking for a Christmas gift for new dads, Christmas gift bag ideas, a Christmas gift for college guys, a meaningful Christmas gift, a practical Christmas gift, a Christmas gift for father in law, or a Christmas gift for 14 year old boys, we've got you covered with some ideas that will work for anyone. These are even great as a Christmas gift for boss, no matter how hard he is to shop for. Check them out below! 

  • Handsome Hands Bundle | $33.60
  • For those hard-working guys in your life, the Handsome Hands Bundle by Beau Brummell is a great gift. The pack includes a walnut hand and foot scrub, as well as the hand repair lotion. Together, these products work to effectively exfoliate, condition, and hydrate the skin to leave behind a set of clean and appealing hands. 

    With regular use, even the toughest hands are no match for the Handsome Hands Bundle. 

    Brown leather money clip wallet opened to show inside | Style Standard
  • Leather Money Clip Wallet | $45.00
  • Is his wallet looking a bit worse for wear? If so, this Leather Money Clip Wallet is the stylish, yet durable upgrade he needs. With a long-lasting spring money clip and billfold wallet motion, we have a stylish wallet that slips into the pocket with ease. 

    The piece contains 4 card slots, a back pocket for contactless cards, and an internal spring money clip. Whether he needs it for a day at the beach or a night on the town, this multi-purpose wallet proves to be great company. 

    Brown Leather Catchall Tray
  • Catch-all Leather Tray | $65.00
  • If you’re shopping for a bloke that has a reputation for losing his keys, look no further - this Catch-all Leather Tray is the answer. 

    The leather tray is a practical, stylish, and trusted place he can leave his keys time and time again. Plus, since it’s made from top-grain Italian leather and is fully lined with nubuck suede - this durable item will last him for the long-haul. 

    With this simple, yet thoughtful Christmas gift idea, the days of last-minute scrambling for those essential items is over. 

  • Intense Moisture Bundle | $43.20
  • The Intense Moisture Bundle offers all the tools he needs to keep his face feeling fresh, hydrated, and looking great.  

    First up in this pack is the Matte Finish Facial Moisturiser. This lightweight blend works to encourage a softer complexion, draw-out toxins, and energise the skin with the help of various natural ingredients. Also within the bundle is this Charcoal Face Mask treatment - containing a combination of Kaolin-rich clay and activated charcoal. These ingredients work together to promote smoothness and clean-out impurities from the pores to provide him with an invigorating and beneficial experience.

    Gunmetal Knot Cufflinks
  • Gunmetal Knot Cufflinks | $35.00
  • If he’s on the hunt for timeless items to round-out his wardrobe, these Gunmetal Knot Cufflinks prove to be a great, versatile option - made from 100% gunmetal steel. 

    With a slightly darker shade than plain steel, these cufflinks are the perfect balance between casual style and functionality. 

    Striped Canvas Dopp Kit from the side | Style Standard
  • Striped Canvas Dopp Kit | $21.25
  • This is one of our favourite secret santa gifts for guys. For men that need a little help with organising their toiletries, this Striped Canvas Dopp Kit by Curated Basics is a great place to start. 

    It’s big enough for all his travel-sized necessities, yet compact enough to sit subtly in the corner of his suitcase. Plus, since it’s made from 16 oz canvas and has a waterproof inner lining, this Dopp kit will be a durable, yet stylish addition to his journeys. 

  • Perfect Shave Bundle | $38.40
  • With this Perfect Shave Bundle by Beau Brummell, you can help him take his shaving-game to a whole new level. 

    At the forefront of this pack is the Gentleman’s Shaving Cream. The blend contains an assortment of natural ingredients to condition the beard, reduce any irritation, and hydrate the skin - leaving behind a slick, smooth face. 

    To ensure a closer shave, the bundle also includes a shaving brush, made from 100% badger hair. This simple shaving tool will help create thick, luscious lathers to help him get the most from a daily shave. 

  • Smooth Operator Bundle | $36.00
  • For guys chasing a simple, daily routine to keep their skin looking and feeling good, this Smooth Operator Bundle is the gift for them. The pack includes a Gentleman’s Face Scrub and Deep Cleansing Charcoal Face Wash - which work together to help exfoliate, cleanse, rejuvenate, smoothen, soften, revitalise, and so much more. 

    These two essential skincare products will work wonders, containing an assortment of natural ingredients to help nourish and nurture his skin. 

    Navy Solid Tie rolled up facing camera | Style Standard
  • Navy Solid Tie | $30.00
  • Whether he needs a new tie for work or those upcoming formal events, this Navy Solid Tie will be a versatile, yet stylish addition to his wardrobe. It’s made from 100% silk, with a subtle horizontal texture that adds much more depth to his outfit. 

    The navy tie is timeless, working perfectly and effortlessly with both lighter and darker suit shades. It’s great for those formal occasions in his life, or he can dress it down with plain-colored shirts, jeans, and a casual jacket. 

    Before he knows it, this will quickly become one of the most important ties he owns. 

  • Style Standard | Gift Card
  • Still stumped? Well, you can’t go wrong with a Style Standard gift card! The store contains a wide range of essentials for men - ranging from skincare and beard care products to an assembly of everyday carry essentials and stylish suit accessories. 

    With the variety on offer in our online store, he’ll have no problem choosing the perfect Christmas gift. 

    Want a little more help choosing the perfect gift? We're always here to help you figure out what works for that special guy in your life, and we don't charge a dime for it! Reach out to us through social media or by email at to chat about your needs and wants for this year's gifting season.

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