Black Leather Nato Watch Strap


What's there to say? You've got a great watch, but it doesn't have the right color band on it. Maybe you're headed to a fancy ball or you just want to switch up your colors. An interchangeable NATO strap is exactly what you need to keep your look fresh and always fluid.

The Black Leather NATO Strap is a great way to class up a watch, no matter the color or style. It goes with your James Bond styled tuxedo or balances well against a white-faced watch to match almost every outfit you can think of. Wherever you're wearing black, the Black Leather NATO Strap is a great addition.

100% leather and stainless steel

Pair this up with The Chuck for a beautiful black on black look that will keep you looking modern and hip, no matter how old you are. This band ships with The Oliver, but you can always grab a second just in case.