Brass Business Card Case


In certain cultures, there’s a ceremony and rules around the exchange of business cards. In Japan, the process of exchanging cards can teach you about the status and roles of the people you’re with. In China, giving a card with one hand is often considered to be rude. Internationally, though, no one wants to be giving out a wrinkled or beat up business card. It’s like showing up to a big event with bedhead and stubble.

Keep your cards looking sharp and you looking stylish with this Brass Business Card Case. It’s big enough to keep a solid number of cards on you at all times without being too bulky or difficult to slip into a pocket. The best part about it being brass is that over time, the case will slowly change color and turn into something uniquely yours.

100% Brass
2.5" x 3.5" (6.35cm x 8.9cm)

Pop your business cards into this bad boy and whip it out whenever you meet someone new. Pair it up with anything that has a pocket.

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