Brown Leather Cigarette Case


Look, we all know that smoking is bad for you. If you’ve reached a point in life where you’re buying things online and you don’t know that yet, that's actually a little impressive. From massive government campaigns to small-scale programs in offices and schools, the usual conversation around cigarettes is their health effect, and it’s working. We’re not here to judge your vices though, that’s up to you to figure out. If smoking’s your choice, it’s time to step up your game.

Commercial cigarette packs don’t exactly look too classy or stylish, but there’s no reason you can’t repackage them in a good-looking case. Our Brown Leather Cigarette Case takes you back to a different era when offering someone a cigarette could look good. It might not smell great, but at least you can keep it looking a little more classy.

100% leather outer with metal trim

Holds 12-14 cigarettes

Jeans and a t-shirt or a full suit, this case goes with just about anything.

Want to take this up a notch? Pop your cigarettes into one side and your cards into the other.

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