Cheater Pocket Square


We're all looking for an easier road. From apps that give us the quickest ways home to companies that bring restaurants to our doorsteps, we're always on the hunt to make life a little less complicated. Modern science suggests that our brains are hardwired towards laziness as a way of conserving energy and increase efficiency. Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs created uniforms for themselves as a way to reduce the time they needed to focus on fashion. Bill Gates famously once claimed he preferred hiring lazy people because they were more efficient.

You probably shouldn't be lazy in every aspect of your life, but there are times where it doesn't hurt. One of those times is definitely trying to get a straight edge to a pocket square. One of the most conservative and classic styles for your breast pocket, the Presidential Fold is one of the cleanest ways to break up a jacket without being too obnoxious. Our Cheater Pocket Square is the easiest way to add a touch of class to a blazer or suit jacket without having to put in the annoying effort to get your pocket square just right.

100% Polyester + Cardstock
13.5cm (5.5 in) long
7cm (2 7/8 in) wide

Carefully selected to pair with any of our ties, you can wear either the red or white option as a complement to our whole line. Match the white to a plain white shirt for a very simple and conservative look, perfect for a boardroom or the fanciest of galas. The red adds a touch of color and life to an otherwise conservative look and can be a great grounding piece to a louder suit.

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