4 Layer Cotton Face Cover

Light Blue
Light Pink

There's no denying that face masks have become the most important personal accessory of the 2020s so far. If you're going to be wearing one, why not make sure it looks good with everything you already own? Designed to complement or contrast against just about everything you own, this is one of the best style choices you can make this year.

In comes our 4 Layer Cotton Face Cover set. Stylish and simple, these masks are perfect for the office, a date, or anywhere that you want to look put together from nose to neck. With adjustable earloops and nose bridge, a 3D shape, and cotton outers, you're sure to be snug and comfortable in these covers. Each cover comes in a resealable bag to ensure you've always got somewhere to put it and a 5 Layer Carbon Filter to put some extra layers between you and the world in case you need them.

Built from Combed Cotton, Melt-Blown Fabric, and Non-Woven Fabric, these covers are designed to be as thick and breathable as possible. When combined with the included removable 5 Layer Carbon Filter, this creates a barrier of 9 different layers of material between your face and the outside world.

Each cover is approximately 15cm (5.9in) from nose to chin and 23cm (9in) from side to side.

To clean, wash your cover under hot water with a mild detergent after every use. Gently scrub the fabric, and let dry overnight (either laid flat or hung by earloops).

These covers were chosen and designed to go with just about anything you can wear. They'll work either as a contrast color (Olive looks great against shades of brown) or as a matching one (the White, Light Blue, and Light Pink are perfect for your essential office shirts) and are sure to be a clean and simple accessory to any look you can rock.

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