Dark Brown Leather Nato Watch Strap


What's there to say? You've got a great watch, but it doesn't have the right color band on it. Maybe you're headed to a fancy ball or you just want to switch up your colors. An interchangeable NATO strap is exactly what you need to keep your look fresh and always fluid.

The Dark Brown Leather NATO Strap balances out form and function. On the one hand, the leather strap is a little more dressy than a nylon or plastic band, but the dark brown color means it wears a little more casually than a full black. Looking for your most versatile watch strap? The Dark Brown Leather NATO Strap is just that.

100% leather and stainless steel

Paired with The Oliver, the Dark Brown Leather NATO Strap gives the white face a rugged and classic look that's great for weekend excursions to the mountains or your local pub. This band ships with The Chuck, but there's no reason you can't grab yourself another one just in case.