Green Knit Tie

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Green Knit Tie

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This might be the easiest style hack you're going to find anywhere. There's something about the texture of the knit tie that just drags people in and makes them want to get closer to your chest. We've seen it in action plenty of times, from boardrooms to block parties everyone wants to get their hands on a knit tie. It's a textured look that balances casual with style and gives you the air of someone who knows what he's doing but isn't that bothered by it.

The Green Knit Tie is the most casual of the ties at Style Standard and will be one of the most casual in your wardrobe too. It's something that dresses down a suit while giving it a natural boldness and spice that most ties can't deliver. Tie it in a slimmer knot (four in hand is a favorite) and wear it with a narrower spread collar to really show it off. Paired with a suit or a casual outfit, this tie will add a touch of genuine and underappreciated style to everything you wear.

100% Polyester
56.5in (143.5cm) Long
2in (5cm) Wide