Gunmetal Knot Cufflinks


If you want the cheapest and most casual cufflinks, you go for silk knots. Parisian shirtmakers Charvet are credited with inventing them in 1904, but these days you can get them almost anywhere. Modern silk knots are made out of manmade fabrics over an elasticated inner, which helps them stretch and move. They're a great look, but a little too casual for most situations.

In come the Gunmetal Knot Cufflinks. They're a great balance between the casual style of a traditional silk knot and the versatile functionality of metal cufflinks. Slightly darker than plain steel, these cufflinks are a great way to inject a little style and class into your shirt and suit without being too flashy.

100% Gunmetal Steel

The Gunmetal Knot Cufflinks are great for providing a little texture and class without the flash. The muted look of the gunmetal combined with the knot style means you can wear these cufflinks in settings that range from the formal to the more casual side of suiting. It may be hard to match metals with this one, so mix your metals proudly and let some of your other pieces do the loud talking.