Handled Beard Brush


If there's one thing you desperately need when you're cooking, it's butter. Seriously, no one knows it, but one of the big reasons that restaurant food is so good is because of how much fat there is in it. It also helps to have a ton of salt and lemon juice at the ready, but butter (or an equivalent fat in other cuisines) is the secret tool for making food taste great.

Similarly, there's a secret tool you need to make a beard look and feel amazing. A bristle beard brush helps to make sure that your beard is smooth and soft for that special someone to want to rub up against, as well as ensuring that your beard is kept free of debris and loose hairs. Much like you, this double-headed bristle beard brush has a softer side and a stronger side, perfect for handling any kind of beard problem you may have. The wooden handle helps give you a little more torque and angle on your brush stroke which allows for a more precise style. All in all, this is your new secret tool.

Wood and natural bristles
Small: 4cm x 12cm (Perfect for on the go use)
Medium: 5cm x 17.5cm (A great space saver and travel companion)
Large: 5.5cm x 23cm (Full handle and bristles for the guy who wants a bigger grip)

A quick 30-second brush after oiling your beard is a great way to help spread the oils evenly across your face and beard. Try using it twice a day to stimulate blood flow to your face to encourage healthy growth and clear out loose hair and debris. If you're wearing a mask, you can use the brush to help reshape your beard.

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Handled Beard Brush