Leather AirPods Case


This leather case for AirPods is made with Woolnut's signature full-grain Scandinavian leather that develops a beautiful patina with time and use. The case exterior is fully covered in leather, and the two-piece construction ensures a minimalistic and slim design. The AirPods can easily be charged wirelessly with the case attached, with the charging light visible at all times. The body of the polycarbonate shell is partly covered in a protective microfiber lining, and small stickers are added to secure the case lid. The Woolnut logo is elegantly embossed on the back of the case.

One of the key features of this AirPods case is the uniqueness of the leather Woolnut uses. They use full-grain leather, sourced in Scandinavia – the very same leather used for their sleeves, folios, and other cases. After some usage, the leather will come to life as the patina gradually develops.

Woolnut designed this AirPods case as a two-piece construction in order to avoid excessive hinges and bulk on the case exterior. The body of the case is partly lined with a protective microfiber, while the lid of the case has small stickers attached for a secure fit.

The AirPods can be charged wirelessly with the case attached. A small circular cut-out in the case makes the charging light visible at all times. At the bottom of the case, there is a cut-out for the Lightning port to extend the functionality of the case without the need to remove it during everyday use.

-Vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather from Scandinavia with a natural pebbled surface
-Protective microfiber lining
-Black polycarbonate shell

-2 piece construction
-Wireless charging enabled
-Visible lightning charging port and charging light

Slide those AirPods right into this beautiful case and hit the road!

The Black Leather will contrast against the white of your AirPods and works great with a futuristic, all-tech style or a more formal black oxford and full tie kind of vibe for those more formal meetings or the super stylish ones.

The Cognac Leather is a straight-up classic that pairs well with tweed jackets and hunting caps (or blue jeans and white t-shirts if you're so inclined). If you're in a business casual office or just trying to find that middle ground between formal and casual, this is always a safe choice. Go even crazier and match your leathers with a brown belt, watch, and shoes.

The Green Leather is the real fashion-forward option that will pair beautifully against both black and brown-based outfits. It's got a gorgeous old school vibe that's reminiscent of archetypal old boys smoking lounges, ostentatious luxury, and a comfortable softness that came with wearing tailoring every day.

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