Brushed Steel Tie Clip


Sometimes you've just got to hold things down. Other times, you need something to keep everything in place. In comes the Brushed Steel Tie Clip, a perfect way to keep your tie held up against your chest and out of your soup. Coming from a time when men wore ties wherever they were, the tie clip is one of the most functional style items you'll ever own. In fact, it's one of the few accessories that's permitted in most military and police uniforms.

The Brushed Steel Tie Clip is short enough to never be too long but long enough to make a statement. It'll go with ever tie you own and look good in every situation you're in. It's one of those little things that people notice and will get you the compliments you deserve!

100% Stainless Steel
1.5" (3.8cm) long

These days, you'll want to wear it clipped to your shirt and tie between the third and fourth buttons.

Want to go for a more advanced, traditional style? Clip it on just above your belly button to hold your tie in place when you're not wearing a jacket.