Purple Flower Lapel Pin

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Purple Flower Lapel Pin

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According to Christian legend, carnations first came into being as Jesus carried the cross through Jerusalem. Apparently, The Virgin Mary cried at Jesus' plight and carnations sprang up where her tears fell. We can hardly verify or deny those claims (we weren't there) but it's a nice story all the same. A little more recently, carnations became the go-to flower for men's jackets. From Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra to Lebron James and Justin Timberlake, men of style and substance have been wearing flowers in their jacket buttonholes for decades. Formerly a super formal affectation for funerals, proms, or weddings, it's become incredibly common for stylish men to pin a flower onto their chest.

Our Purple Flower Lapel Pin is modeled after the original carnation (or Dianthus caryophyllus if you're that type), a flower that came in a pinkish purple before other varieties were developed. Pinned over or through the jacket buttonhole, a lapel pin is a great way to flash a little colour and style without going crazy. Chosen to go with our ties, you can wear the Purple Flower Lapel Pin with a tie or without one. Generally, it's a bad look to wear one to more serious occasions like funerals or job interviews as the pin can be eye-catching and isn't too serious. Any other day? You're going to look great.

100% Polyester
LENGTH flower long
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