Purple Geometric Tie


There was a time in men's fashion where not wearing a tie was barely something day laborers did, let alone people in offices and professional jobs. It would have been unheard of for a king or president to go anywhere without a tie on and those rules extended down through society for the majority of men. These days, wearing a tie can be as much a fashion statement as not wearing one would have been back then. There are times when you have to wear a tie, but when you want to wear one, why not one with a little color and excitement?

100% Silk
58.5in (148.6cm) Long
3in (7.6cm) Wide

Our Purple Geometric Tie also goes by the name of Foulard and it's definitely a tie with two different lives. You can wear it in the boardroom to give your outfit a little splash of color and levity or you can wear it to the bar to class up your outfit a little. Sitting on the boundary of casual and formal, the lilac color of the tie and the broad spacing of the pattern give you a versatile tie that will lighten your day and look. Pair this with dark suits and light shirts of various colors or with a light shirt, casual jacket, and jeans.