Red and Blue Repp Tie


There was a time where your tie could tell people a lot about you. If you were in the UK a generation ago, a man's tie could tell you what regiment he'd served in, what school he went to, even what he had studied when he was there. It was a subtle signal to those in the know about the kind of man he was and the experiences that brought him to where he was. It was King Edward VIII who popularized the striped tie for the everyman when he moved to America after giving up the throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

These days you don't need a tie to find out about someone, social media helps us do that all the time. Instead, a strong tie is more about looking good and being ready for anything. Unlike our friends in the UK, this tie is in the American prep style with stripes from right to left, so you shouldn't be mistakenly drafted if you ever end up across the pond.

100% Silk
58.5in (148.6cm) Long
3in (7.6cm) Wide

Paired with a charcoal or navy suit and a blue or white shirt, this tie casually mentions class and strength while it kicks up a storm. (Fair warning though, this is an intense tie, so it might end up clashing against more robust colored or patterned suits and shirts.) Want to dress it down a little? Throw a plain crewneck sweater over your shirt to reduce the tie to just a touch of color.