Red Necktie with White Pindots

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Red Pindot Tie

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Red is, without question, one of the most powerful colors you have in the arsenal. You only need to look through history to prove it. China's ancient Terracotta Warriors are depicted wearing bandanas around their necks that are thought to have been painted red at the time. It was Croatian mercenaries in the Thirty Years War that inspired fashion-forward French King Louis XIV to adopt the red cravat as part of his style. These days, the red power tie is more associated with warriors in the business and political fields than it is with those from battlefields, but it's just as strong.

Our take on the red power tie tones it down a little, presenting a gloved fist of style and elegance in a way that says I'm strong, I'm here, but I'm not too dangerous. The contrasting white dots will give you a little texture and detail while the muted red stands out without being flashy. This tie pairs well with pretty much everything, but really comes out strong on a white shirt and against muted jackets/pants.

100% Silk
58.5in (148.6cm) Long
3in (7.6cm) Wide