Badger Hair Shaving Brush


What we say:
This is pretty simple. There are times you might want to use your hands to do things, but there are times that you need the right tool to get the job done. You wouldn't paint a house with your hands, so why are you still using them to put shaving cream on your face? A badger hair shaving brush can help get the most out of your shaving routine and gives you a thick lather that helps bring the hairs on your face further up and gets the shaving cream under everything.

Beau Brummell for Men says:
This Shaving Brush contains 100% badger hair. The rugged yet soft bristles create a generous lather helping to exfoliate the most stubborn beard hairs. Your razor glides along your face taking the hairs with one pass leaving you feeling fresh and smooth so you can stay handsome, like a true gentleman.

Wet the brush and swirl into shaving soap. Apply to face. Rinse brush with warm water after each use. Dry with bristles pointing downward, best done with our Shaving Brush Stand.

The bristles from this brush are 100% badger hair with a plastic base.